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Yes, Donald Trump Can Repeal Common Core. Here’s How

Feb 16, 2017 by

Common Core. Here’s HowLet’s read Donald Trump’s reiterated promise to repeal Common Core, not in the ruling class’s legalistic hyperliteralism, but on Trump terms, and on the American public’s terms.

Directly after the Senate narrowly confirmed Betsy DeVos as education secretary last week, Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway spoke with Jake Tapper on CNN.

DeVos “will get on with the business of executing on the president’s vision for education,” Conway said. “He’s made very clear all throughout the campaign and as president he wants to repeal Common Core, he doesn’t think that federal standards are better than local and parental control…And that children should not be restricted in terms of education opportunities just by their ZIP code, just by where they live. We’ve got to look at homeschooling, and charter schools, and school choice and other alternatives for certain students.”

Tapper immediately moved on to foreign affairs, but Conway’s statement is singular for clearly reiterating a campaign promise many grassroots Common Core opponents worried President Trump would forget. It was also followed by the usual round of denunciations in the education and other press about how it’s obviously impossible for President Trump to do anything about Common Core because the federal mechanisms that pushed it on states have expired.

Cue the Chorus of Naysayers

Michael Cohen, whose organization, Achieve, helped create and impose Common Core on the nation, told USA Today that “most schools’ standards, testing and accountability systems will be unaffected by the change in administration. And Trump’s vow to end so-called Common Core testing may well ring hollow, since states must decide whether to keep or drop the tests. ‘Whether (DeVos) likes the Common Core or doesn’t like the Common Core — and I’ve heard both — it doesn’t matter,’ he said.”

Source: Yes, Donald Trump Can Repeal Common Core. Here’s How

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