10 Best CBSE Schools in Coimbatore

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Education starts at the early stages and Coimbatore being the growing smart city and industrial hub, it is only fair to attune the education status of the city to a level where the academia is strong and robust right from the beginning.

Helping the city achieve that status is the plethora of CBSE schools which, to its affiliation to the Central Government, are the top choices for the best educational paradigm for the children. Here is the list of 10 Best CBSE Schools in Coimbatore.

1. SSVM CBSE School

A school with all-around facilities and educational scaffolds, SSVM CBSE School has the parameters to nurture the child’s mind as well as personality right from the start. A haven for every aspiring learner, the school offers an expansive opportunity to the students to build a scalable reputation, polish their academic excellence and pursue their passions in the form of extracurricular activities.

SSVM CBSE School offers admission from Pre-KG to 12th grade for CBSE and has residential building for those looking for boarding school opportunities. The pedagogy involves inventive teaching methods. Computer labs, well-stocked libraries, and playgrounds ensure overall growth of the child.

2. Rathinam International Public School

Set in the sprawling grounds of Eachanri campus, the Rathinam International Public School follows the curriculum of the Central Government coalited CBSE where it helps children engage in practical learning and development perspectives via research and practical implementation.

The school focuses on creating engaging and qualitative education via its hands-on training grounds such as the ATAL Tinkering Lab. Approved by Govt (NITI Aayog), Rathinam is a place where children communicate and interact via practical lessons and cultivate the factors of innovation in the children.

The child-friendly atmosphere is safe and holistic to engage a child in conceptual learning and model their mind to have a pragmatic approach to learning. The impeccable infrastructure helps give the right reinforcement for the educational atmosphere. The on-campus boarding school also offers a unique chance for children far away to reap the benefits of quality education.

3. Vidhya Niketan Public School

To offer the most exceptional CBSE education experience, Vidhya Niketan Public School was initiated to cater to the growing need for good quality and affordable CBSE curriculum in the city. The pre-primary section rests upon the parameters of Researched and graded content, Interactive and visual study technology, Worksheet for an additional challenge, and well-experienced faculty.

On the other hand, the primary and secondary level students are offered the quintessential CBSE framework, added upon by the objective of assuring the milestone of individual potential in the three areas of Reading, Writing and Mathematics, Development of children’s self esteem within a cultures of respect, and Enhancing the cognitive development of students. The senior secondary curriculum is focused on CBSE education as well as moral values that will help them gain experience once they step into the outer worlds.

4. Anan Kids Academy

Founded under the lineage of corporate leaders Seven Pumps, the most sought-after name in the domestic and agricultural water pumps industry, Anan Kids Academy illustrates the educational paradigm where students engage in the pre-requisite CBSE curriculum and also develop their extra-curricular activities via the on-campus sports facilities, recreational grounds, and several other facilities.

For mind development, the institute offers platforms to students for engaging in activities like debate, elocutions, to name a few. They are also offered the opportunity to go on Field visits and participate in the Annual Anan fest for a gala and overall development. The academic assistance is provided for children from Kindergarten to Primary Levels, (CBSE Syllabus)

5. PSG Public Schools

A part of the well established PSG family in Coimbatore, the PSG Public School offers rigorous academic assistance to students from Kindergarten to senior secondary. Following the CBSE Curriculum, the institute gives students with practical as well as theoretical elements to support their educational journeys.

They are encouraged to participate in mind building activities and are often recipients of numerous awards at several competitions like debates, elocutions, discussions and many more. The departments are divided into English, Department of Languages, Social Science, Science & Technology, and Humanities.

6. Peepal Prodigy School

Priding in imparting a stress-free education, the Peepal Prodigy School believes in providing qualitative education to children from pre-primary to secondary. Children’s Hut undertakes the nurturing for children between 2.6 years to 4.6 years, the primary school caters to grade 1-5 and secondary take care of those in grades 6-10.

Going beyond the conventional, Peepal Prodigy prepares students for beyond school and makes them into independent learners. Starting its journey in 2013, the Institute adheres to student-centric learning.

7. Achariya Bala Siksha Mandir

Achariya Bala Siksha Mandir was founded under the patron of ACHARIYA Educational Public trust in order to make quality and international education more accessible to the common public. As a part of the ACHARIYA learning propaganda, the ABSM learning center is making waves in amalgamating quality education with societal improvement.

The pedagogy is divided into 3 parts:

• Kindergarten

• Primary Classes (1-5)

• Middle School

• High School

• Senior Secondary

The E-Guru, an interactive and digital learning program of the institute leverages technology to bring children closer to new concepts and education.

8. Chandrakanthi Public Place

One of the most sought after CBSE school adhering to the Montessori curriculum in the nursery level and the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) curriculum grade 1 onwards. Here students are assessed based on their overall parameters and trained accordingly.

The CBSE Syllabus offered here features a holistic learning and helps nurture every child’s interests.

Grade I – V

  • English –Ratna Sagar, Madhuban,
  • Math – Oxford
  • V.E – Oxford
  • EVS – Scholastic
  • ICT – Chrysalis
  • G.K – Gray Caps
  • II Lang – Tamil only

* As per the Government of Tamil Nadu, the 3rd language is Hindi (Macmillan).

Grade VI – XII


The institute comprises of a well-equipped library, clean canteen, and offers security to and fro transportation service to the students.

9. National Model Schools

The National Model Schools cater to all sections of the student society:

  • National Model Pre School: Founded in 1988, the pre-school helps build the foundational structure for children in their inceptive years of education.
  • National Model Matriculation School: Catering to the grade 1-10, the school offers a well-endowed curriculum based on CBSE and help students to make better prospects.
  • National Model Senior Secondary School: Featured in the Forbes India: The Great Indian Schools, 2018, the institute offers educational as well co-curricular activities at par with international standards to help a higher modulation of the students.

10. Vivekalaya School

Started in 1989, Vivekalaya School follows a student-centric approach to education and has a redesigned curriculum to help build the formative structure of the educational concepts for children. It is further complemented by the Active Learning Methodology to engage in practical learning and offers a recreational ground to ensure holistic growth.

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