10 Facts Every Catholic Should Know About the Common Core

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As a part of The Cardinal Newman Society’s work to help Catholic families, educators and Church leaders better understand the Common Core State Standards and to protect the extraordinary legacy of Catholic schooling, the Newman Society has released “10 Facts Every Catholic Should Know About the Common Core.”

Last December, the Newman Society issued a statement expressing serious reservations about the rapid adoption of Common Core in Catholic schools across the country. Ever since, the Society has been answering questions about the Common Core and Catholic education.

The “10 Facts” resource explains how the Common Core is rushed, untested, and experimental, and how Common Core is (ultimately) concerned with textbooks and curriculum. It explains how Catholic schools are already outperforming public schools, and how Common Core may hinder students’ education and formation.

booksThe final fact that all Catholics should know about the Common Core, the “10 Facts” resource states, is that “Our ‘common core’ is the Catholic faith.”

“Catholic education didn’t become successful by striving for secular standards; its success begins with its Catholic mission,” the “10 Facts” resource continues.

The Newman Society is encouraging readers to share the “10 Facts” resource with family and friends.

For solid information, analysis and arguments to more fully understand the potential impact of the Common Core on Catholic schools, visit the Newman Society’s Catholic Is Our Core website and initiative.

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10 Facts Every Catholic Should Know About the Common Core.

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