10 ideas for using Instagram in educational activities

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According to a study conducted on the basis of data from Facebook Ads, 10% of Americans use the service for sharing photos and video content, which is 14.5 million people. 52% of the total number of all Instagram users are concentrated in cities with a population of over 1 million in student centers in the country. The study of the age structure of the service audience shows that 67% of users are young people from 18 to 34 years old, teenagers from 13 to 17 years old make up another 12.3%.

Thus, we can conclude that the service is popular among young people. However, teachers are skeptical about this resource, not considering it appropriate to use it for educational purposes. But, if you come up with a certain amount of imagination and creativity, then this network can be used to communicate with students and pupils. Below are the options for the possible use of Instagram in teaching practice.

Ideas to use Instagram for education

Expanding the scope of employment

Due to a lack of classroom time, teachers often omit interesting details that can interest students. The faith of the scientist, the history of the discovery, the funny details of the research… But you never know what the details remain “behind the scenes” lecture classes. Because of this, discipline loses its attractiveness, it becomes a dry and lifeless theory. Add a “highlight”, post a photo or other illustration on the topic of the last lecture, add a small post, and the discipline you teach will benefit from it.


Add an inscription with a short question on the subject to the image. For example, “Why does a computer need a bridge?” or “University or work. What would you choose and why?”. Remember when you get Instagram comments, they will be relevant to the post. Each teacher knows a lot of interesting and intricate questions in his subject. Do not make such mini-contests mandatory. This is just a small training so that students, if they wish, will answer you in the comments.


Do you have an idea? Message for the group? Have you already sent instructions through the email, but can you duplicate the information in the form of a suitable picture or photo? Post it to Instagram.

Illustration for the task

There are disciplines on which the teacher in the process of explanation builds rather long chains with an inference or geometric constructions. Duplicate the finished drawing or conclusion by placing its photo from the textbook or from your own outline. You can lay out a hint scheme that will help students complete a complex task. The plus will be a short post on the topic.

Photo records on the board

Do you explain the criteria for evaluating coursework? Set specific deadlines? Describe the requirements? And there is always someone who “forgot”, “did not know”, “did not understand”. Take pictures of the notes if you made them on the board. Forgetting, in this case, will be difficult. And for the teacher, this cheat sheet will be a reminder.

Parsing errors

Did you do a test, or a written test, or a computer survey, and noticed that many of the students make the same mistake? Photograph the sheet with an error, focus attention on it. In the following pictures, you can bring the correct version with proof. And you can make comments on the error in the post. And it is better if you do not delay the verification of work. Now you do not have to wait for the next class. Comments on the next day after work, will bring more benefits and cause more interest.

Report from the event

Do you keep up with events in your area? Attending exhibitions, conferences, seminars? In this case, take a few pictures of the topic and place them in the “carousel”. This will show the students that you are interested in the topic being taught, that you are aware of the latest events. Tell students a little about the event, share your opinion, it is possible that some of the students or colleagues are also interested.


Did your students participate in a contest, competition, or conference? And even won? Why not photograph their diplomas and certificates? Let us maintain the prestige of knowledge and encourage active students. But photos of individual students (especially minors) are not recommended to publish. It is easy to violate the Law on Personal Data. Be careful with this!

The answer to the question

At a lecture or seminar, a situation arose when you found it difficult to refer to the source of information? Do not postpone the answer and do not wait for the next lesson. Take a picture of the cover of the book, the page with the text or take a screenshot of the site screen, where your answer is convincingly confirmed. The quick answer is a sign of respect for the students.


Funny pictures with a funny caption are very popular on the net. They can be used to relieve the situation a bit if something not very pleasant has happened in class. In a couple of days, you can calmly think about a problem situation. In the meantime, look at the event with humor. In the end, it is a smile and a friendly joke – these are the tools that will always help you to keep your presence of mind. For the teacher, it is very important!

Not necessary, but desirable

Of course, if you take an Instagram account, you will have to do it regularly to accustom students to the fact that you post interesting and useful photos and notes. Nobody can obligate you to keep such an account in a social network. Of course, this will require enough time to master the resource. But in the end, such a resource will become your assistant in the work, and as you gain experience, it will be easier and simpler to keep up with Instagram.

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