10 online slot tips

Aug 24, 2020 by

Before you press “spin”, check out these 10 best online slots tips if you want to maximise your experience and winnings!

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1 – Play progressive jackpot slots 

Keep your eyes peeled on progressive jackpots as unlike the majority of slot machines without a progressive jackpot, the odds are ever-changing depending on the size of the jackpot, which gradually builds until it is won.  

2 – Check out the paytables before you play 

It’s important to understand that different slot games payout in various different ways and to find this out you will need to examine the pay tables. Some offer smaller wins while other slots offer huge prizes with or without a progressive jackpot and the only way you will find this out is if you take a look and compare the paytables of the slot games you want to play. 

3 – Check how easy it is to land winning combinations 

Unsure how to do this? The paytable is your best tool when it comes to checking not just the game’s RTP and bonuses but also how easy it will be to land winning combinations. Check how many symbols a slot game has and generally the more symbols there are the harder it could be to land winning combinations. 

4 – Take note of how many paylines the game has

Slots can have 10, 20, or even up to 50 paylines, meaning players could have dozens of ways to win on each spin. There are even new slots which offer “243 Ways to Win” where players can bet one low amount to cover every winning combination which maximizes player’s chances of winning. 

5 – Remember, it’s only a game! 

Losing streaks happen to every single slot player and the nature of gambling means you’re most likely to lose than win, but don’t let it get you down or get in the way of you having fun! If you’re finding playing slots is more frustrating than fun, take a break and remember it’s only a game! 

6 – Bet the maximum 

If you want to be eligible for the largest jackpot you will need to bet the maximum but make sure you read the rules of each jackpot slot before playing as they are not all the same! 

7 – Play slots free first 

Take a “try before you buy” attitude to slot games and play the demo or free play version of the game before you place real-money bets. This will give you the chance to check out the games feature and to see if you enjoy the game before you part with your hard-earned cash.  

8 – When the fun stops, stop playing 

That jackpot could be just one spin away and that’s what players love about slots, your luck could be just around the corner and the anticipation of winning is half of the fun of playing slots. But if you’re not enjoying playing, take a break from slots! 

9 – Take advantage of slot bonuses 

To give your bankroll a helping hand, give it a boost with sign-up and loyalty bonuses on offer which may help you to win prizes and jackpots beyond your wildest dreams! 

10 – Don’t only play the same slot 

Variety is the spice of life, so if your go-to slot isn’t working for you or you’re finding it a little repetitive, don’t be afraid to check out other slots – there are plenty to choose from!

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