No 10 rejects idea that foreign students should not count as immigrants

Oct 22, 2016 by

Downing Street says it is not looking at removing students from official figures after chancellor suggests definition of immigrant may be reviewed

Theresa May has dismissed the suggestion that foreign students should not be counted as immigrants, after the chancellor, Philip Hammond, suggested that such a move could be in line with public opinion.

Downing Street said it was not looking at whether to remove foreign students from official migration figures, despite earlier appearing to say this would be part of an overall review of the system.

It comes after reports of distance between No 10 and No 11 on a number of issues, from the approach to Brexit to May’s comments about monetary policy in the most recent Queen’s speech.

On Wednesday, Hammond told the Treasury select committee there were “conversations within government about the most appropriate way to record and address net migration”.

“As we approach the challenge of getting net migration figures down, it is in my view essential that we look at how we do this in a way that protects the vital interests of our economy,” he said.

“It is true that student visas have been abused in the past. The previous home secretary did sterling work tightening up on bogus educational institutions.”

When asked if students should be counted among immigrant numbers, he said: “My view is, this is a question of public perception and the public’s view. Clearly, immigration and the level of net migration is an issue of concern.

Source: No 10 rejects idea that foreign students should not count as immigrants | UK news | The Guardian

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