10 SEO Tricks You Wish You Knew Before

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what is seo

SEO is a marketing strategy that will determine where search engines will rank an article. Website owners should take advantage of SEO as a way of marketing their websites. When a website ranks high on search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, Google, or any other search engine, the easier it will be for readers to access the web page. Therefore, top ranking websites are likely to have more traffic.

SEO is also one of the best ways of driving organic traffic to a website. But for SEO to be successful, there are several things website owners need to understand. Let’s get started on tricks to successful SEO marketing.

What trick should a website apply for success in SEO marketing?

For successful SEO, the website needs to follow 0few basic rules. Search engines use craws to land on a website. 0There are some keywords that will help the search engine identify a site and relate to what the reader needs. Some basic rules are as follows.

Look for a quality seo firm 

Advertising can be stressful. Ways of advertising keep on changing. Hence, a site needs a SEO firm Houston that will help in promoting website content.

Content creation

The first step is creating useful content that will be helpful to the reader. Google or Yahoo tries their best to ensure that the content will be helpful to the reader. Nobody understands how search engines rank content, but websites with many words seem to be ranking higher on google. Website owners should ensure that their articles are original and of high quality.

Use of keyword

For both short-tail and long-tail, keywords can contribute to a higher ranking of a website. Keywords help the search engine to drive content to the website. Regardless of how right the keywords are, the website should not overutilize them. Operatizing is considered as misleading the search engine.

Use of internal and external links

Many sites owners fear linking other sites from their sites, thinking that they will be driving the reader away. But this is not true. Linking proves to search engines that content is useful. When a higher command site backlink any article, it has a high-ranking chance.

Type of image

Images can affect how long it takes for a page to load. Use images with a lower pixel. Moreover, do not copy-paste pictures from google.

Work on 404 pages

A 404 page is a broken link and can be annoying to readers. Websites should avoid 404 pages as much as possible.

Host provider

Low hosting can affect how a website will function. Web owners should research on what hosting their competitors are using.

Use a meta description with a call to action

The meta description shortly describes what the user is to expect in the article. Hence, a good meta description encourages the reader to click on the content. The report should have a call to action.

Eye-catching title

A title is the first thing that the reader views before reading the article. Therefore, the title should encourage the reader to continue reading the article.

Check on the loading speed of a website

Slow-loading websites can annoy the reader. A good website should not take more than two seconds before opening.


SEO writers need to understand the tricks that will contribute to SEO success. The main trick is getting the right SEO firm in Houston, and it will help you achieve the other schemes. Use SEO as a way of marketing online content.

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