11th-hour law stops teacher layoffs

Jul 9, 2011 by

School officials across the state are frustrated and puzzled by a bill crafted in private and passed in the final hour of the Legislature’s budget debate that strips districts of their ability to lay off teachers and forces them to spend money they might want to save for a rainy day.

AB114, signed into law June 30, appears to be an 11th-hour nod to the teachers union to preserve teacher jobs, fiscal experts said.

“It was pure political juice at one hour before the budget is voted on that all this stuff is stuffed in there,” said Ron Bennett, president and CEO of School Services of California, an education financial consultant. “If that is the only way you can pass that … we think that’s a pretty good indication that it’s not great public policy right off the top.”

The Assembly Budget Committee bill ensures that schools won’t be able to lay off teachers in anticipation of a potential midyear cut in state funding. State law has allowed districts to reduce teaching staff until Aug. 15 of each year to address



. AB114 would suspend their ability to do that for 2012.

At the same time, the law forces districts to maintain staffing and programs at last year’s funding level.

Anticipated revenue

via 11th-hour law stops teacher layoffs.

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