I am 16 and the education system is destroying my health

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The pressure put on today’s young people is immense. All we are learning is that our best isn’t good enough and that one bad test makes you a failure

The strings that hold you together are loosening. You feel what’s going on in your body without being able to control it. Your breathing speeds up. Every sense heightened, your entire body shakes. Pins and needles are running marathons up and down your limbs. It hurts. Everything is too close. Too loud. And then you shut down.

You’re having a panic attack.

This isn’t an article about why more awareness is needed about mental health issues or how an amazing technique waved my anxiety away. Those articles and books exist, and they express those topics better than I ever could.

This is an article about how our education system is ruining young people’s lives. Nobody is listening to the teachers who say it, so perhaps someone will listen to me.

My name is Orli and I’m almost 16. When I was younger and I loved to play grown-ups, I dreamed of being 16 – of going to bed when I wanted and having my own money to spend on fairy wings (it hit me hard when I realised that nobody dressed up as princess fairies when they got older).

Source: I am 16 and the education system is destroying my health | Teacher Network | The Guardian

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