16 Policies That Must Be Addressed by Texas Lege This Session

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“16 Policies That Must Be Addressed by Texas Lege This Session”

From:  Donna Garner


ACTION STEP:  Please send this to all Texas Legislators.

Below are 16 policies that must be addressed by the Texas Legislature in this present legislative session. 

Here is a link to an analysis of the 16 policies prepared by Texas MassResistance.  The analysis gives Texas Legislators the Texas Republican Party Plank Numbers, definitions, and drafted language:  


Texas Legislators, please sign up to author or co-author bills that cover these 16 policies:

  1. Equal Protection against Harassment
  2. Maintain Integrity of Research
  3. Protection of Motherhood and Fatherhood
  4. Oversight of Accreditation
  5. Stop Cancel Culture
  6. Liability for Malfeasance, Incompetence and Recklessness in Counseling
  7. Ethical and Compassionate Responses to Sexual Assault
  8. Reasonable Scope of Public Accommodations
  9. Nullification of Unconstitutional Laws
  10. Eliminate Pride Events from Schools
  11. Block Obscenity from Schools and Children’s Libraries
  12. Protect Women’s Prisons and Shelters
  13. Preservation of Women’s Athletics
  14. Freedom in Counseling, Discipleship, and Therapy
  15. Responsible Use of School Funding
  16. Protect Innocent Spouses of Transgender People
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