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About that 1776 Commission Report - Ordinary Times

The Biden White House has taken the 1776 Commission’s Final Report off the WhiteHouse.gov website as part of Biden’s disinformation campaign, but here is the pdf to the report for easy access.


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    U.S. Historian

    The 1776 Report is sloppy, patriotic blather, and constitutes historical malpractice. Sam Johnson was right. “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.”

    Hope you all can escape your far-right, Q-Anon, conspiratorial, Fax Faux News bubble. Learn some actual U.S. history. For starters, read about the creation of the 1776 report, its historical failings, and its ideological blinders — and the lies your teachers and textbooks told you.

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    Carlos Smith

    Biden is a political parasite who has sucked on the government teat for 47 years and counting. As an old judge from the early days in the West was known to say, “we need to give him a fair trial and then hang him”

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    Robert Jennings

    Biden is a racist dementia riddled hateful old man who needs to be removed from office immediately and tried for treasonous acts.The truly American people hate him.

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