2 True Stories: McKinney Pool Party & Mental Disorder

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“2 True Stories: McKinney Pool Party & Transgenderism”

By Donna Garner



As I see what is happening to our American culture, I feel compelled to direct people’s attention to two articles, both of which should cast light on the lies that are being told across our country.  


The first article presents detailed and well-documented information about what really happened at the McKinney, Texas “pool party” which became famous because of a snippet of a video, deliberately meant to mislead the public to jump to conclusions without knowing the facts:


6.8.15 – “The Full Story of the McKinney, Texas, Pool Mob Inside the Craig Ranch Subdivision” –   http://theconservativetreehouse.com/2015/06/08/the-full-story-of-the-mckinney-texas-pool-mob-inside-the-craig-ranch-subdivision/




The second article sheds much light on the subject of transgenderism and, again, will arm the public with the truth:


6.2.15 – “John Hopkins Psychiatrist: Transgender Is Mental Disorder; Sex Change is Biologically Impossible” – by Michael W. Chapman – CNSNews.comhttp://cnsnews.com/news/article/michael-w-chapman/johns-hopkins-psychiatrist-transgender-mental-disorder-sex-change



Being familiar with the content of both of the above articles should help all of us in the future to keep from being “played” by those who want us to react with emotion instead of reason.



Donna Garner


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