2020’s Emerging Trends in Higher Education Marketing

Sep 2, 2020 by

This year has seen a significant shift to online and remote work across the globe, which has resulted in significant changes that will endure in the coming years. One of those far-reaching changes is the way that prospective students and the younger generation think.

Consumers are increasingly savvy, and are becoming more aware of traditional marketing tactics, which are in turn becoming less effective. Not only that, but younger consumers are demanding much more from brands and institutions, holding them to a higher standard. This is coupled with the rise of social media platforms, which many people use to glean information to base their opinions on. Therefore, reputation management through a course promotion agency is crucial to attracting the brightest and best students.he brightest and best students.

While marketing has over recent years taken a much more personal approach, more needs to be done to keep up with these rapid changes.

Below, we dive into the latest trends in higher education marketing that have emerged in 2020.


Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to humanize and personalize a brand, and this is a strategy that educational institutions have started implementing more fully into their marketing campaigns. 

Clearly conveying the history of both the institution and its students’ achievements and progress, coupled with a strong visual on future goals and accomplishments creates a full-picture marketing strategy that helps students, business partners and teachers visualize their future at a specific university or college.

Colleges are investing more in professional education marketing services like that provided by Sextant Marketing to inject new thinking into their campaigns.

Focusing on students

Colleges and grad schools have shifted focus to students being the star of the show rather than the institutions themselves. Educational institutions now shine the spotlight on students and their achievements to showcase what their programs can do for others and what is achievable.

Standing for a cause

It is extremely important now that colleges and grad schools set an example and be vocal about worldwide issues. Getting involved with societal or global causes that reflect an institute’s ethos and are also rooted in its core strengths is a great way of both improving awareness of the institution and also the causes themselves. Students now want to be a part of something meaningful, and supporting causes is often one of the factors they look for when picking a grad school.

Investing in first impressions

With so many choices of universities to pick from, and with options such as online distance learning too, first impressions are more important than ever when it comes to catching and retaining a prospective student’s attention. And this is important both online and in-person too. 

To do this, education institutes should modify and optimize their websites, social media platforms and all points of contact as well as their campuses, student activities, and facilities. 

First impressions can be a decisive factor in grad school applicants’ decision-making process, which is why colleges and grad schools are pulling out all the stops to attract new students.

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