2021 Resume Writing Trends That You Need to Adopt

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Developing and maintaining a great resume is the key to achieving success in any industry. Knowing what to expect from 2021 resume trends can help you stand out on paper.

Trend 1: Having your resume written professionally

Resume services weren’t always a thing, but they are now. Similar to how you would hire a tax professional to do your taxes or a lawyer to handle a lawsuit, job seekers are now hiring resume writers to write their resumes.

There are loads of resume services out there on the web, and some of them are good while others are bad. If you find a reputable one to write your resume, it can definitely give you a leg up on other job seekers who didn’t bother putting in the extra effort.

Trend 2: Bullet Points Are Out

It’s time for simple, straightforward sentences that summarize your experience succinctly but powerfully. 

If you have a long list of qualifications, don’t write, “I’m qualified for this because I’ve done this and this.” Write “My qualifications include…” then list them one by one.

“My qualifications include:…” This catchall sentence shows both the brevity and strength of your experience because there’s no reason you can’t receive the job.

Trend 4: Slides Are Out

Forget about PowerPoint for resumes. You’re sending a much less formal, more casual document to a human being—not a Google doc where you can tweak every word for eight hours until you’ve perfected it. The best presentation format is the one that feels most natural, so if slides aren’t your thing, ditch them cold turkey.

Trend 5: Be Specific

Pick up on the trends in your industry and be specific. If you’ve been a PM in the IT industry, focus on your skills and accomplishments. Instead of “I’m a great communicator who is good at supervising others” say, “I am an excellent communicator who has a proven track record as a team leader.”

Remember to relate your experiences to their relevance to the job in question: “I worked as project manager for six months at ____ to develop application XYZ that increased enrollment by 20%. As a result of this project, the company generated $1 million in revenue in its first month alone.”

Trend 6: Embrace the Resume Revolution

Modern media outlets have made resumes obsolete. Job seekers no longer need them. Instead, they should use social media to get ahead with their prospects and employers. You can post your accomplishments on LinkedIn and your Twitter account, blog about what you do at work, and interact with people online. Your LinkedIn profile should clearly show your expertise, along with a summary of your experience.

Trend 7: Make Your Resume Unique

Even if you’re not in the creative industry, you need to stand out from other resumes, not just by having a unique style but by writing about your experiences in a new way. You can use unusual phrases that are memorable. Make sure that every word counts. Employers will quickly pass over anything too generic. So don’t write, “In addition to my skills as a developer, I’m also an effective communicator. I’m a great listener with an ability to inspire others.” Instead, say, “My advertising skills have proven to be effective in virtually every medium, whether print or digital. I’m an excellent communicator who has an ability to inspire others.”

Think outside of the box:

“During my tenure as a project manager at ___ I enjoyed a challenging and rewarding role while working on __________. For this project, I was responsible for _______________ that contributed to $1 million in revenue in its first month alone. Throughout the course of this project, I ____________. Working with a team that included ___________, we were able to accomplish these goals: ______.”

Trend 8: Build Your Own Brand

In the 21st century, you are your own brand. You are your own business. It’s not just about what you do at work anymore. These days, it’s about what you’ve done in your life – whether it’s climbing Mt. Everest or becoming an expert ballroom dancer, or volunteering for Habitat for Humanity. You are your own global brand whose name is worth millions.

So start crafting your brand by documenting everything that makes you unique. You become an expert on your own life. Start blogging on several different sites about how awesome you are and what makes you different from others.

One of the things that employers like to see is your volunteer history because it shows that you’re interested in giving back to the community. List your volunteer experience on your resume because it demonstrates that you’re a well-rounded person who values helping others.

Trend 9: Put Yourself Out There

When employers are looking for recruits, they want to see an individual with a solid work history. They want to see what you’ve done, not what you can do for them in the future. So instead of saying “I want to grow in this career,” say “As a result of my performance and ability…” then list specific accomplishments.

Hire Me: “I have successfully managed and lead ___ projects. I’ve had the opportunity to work at ______ and _______ where my peers recognized that I demonstrated excellent leadership skills.”

Talent Beyond Compare: “As an experienced project manager with proven results, my skills align perfectly with the needs of your team, and my experience has earned me a reputation as a top performer. I’ve worked on ___ projects for ___ years, and my previous employers recognized that I possessed the innovative leadership skills necessary for high-level management.”

You’re not just a job seeker. You are a brand. Your resume is your calling card, so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and stand up for what you believe in. If you want to bring attention to an important cause or problem, get specific and show how you can help solve it.

You may not be able to change the world, but you can help shift the perception that everyone’s a technocrat or a no-hoper when writing a resume.

This is your moment. Please take advantage of it by following the trends in resume writing and starting from this moment on.

Use these 7 trends as guidelines for future resumes, and you’ll be able to use them with confidence.

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