21 Blogs Kids Can Use to Prepare for Standardized Tests

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For decades schools have been testing kids with standardized tests.  The tests have changed through the years, but they’ve remained pretty similar until the last few years where there’s been a push to make the tests harder and test more areas.  This change has caused debate and controversy from teachers and parents alike.  Teachers feel like all they do is teach to the test now instead of having the freedom to expand the minds and creativity of the children they teach.  There doesn’t seem to be an end in sight for these types of tests so you might need some help preparing your child to take the tests.  If your child suffers from test anxiety you may find some helpful information in the blogs below.  You can also read about ways to help your child prepare for the test and find places to take practice tests.  These 21 blog entries may be able to help your student do better on the tests he has to take now and in the future.

Test Anxiety

Many students experience some type of test anxiety and it could be causing them to score lower on the test than they otherwise would.  In the seven blog posts below you can find some strategies for helping your child deal with test taking anxiety.

  1. Dealing with Test Anxiety: Part 1 Find several tips on things you can do to help your child be well prepared for the test and reduce test anxiety.
  2. Anxious About Tests? Tips to Ease Angst Suggestions for doing relaxation exercises and journaling are explained in this article.
  3. Dealing with Test Anxiety: The Benefits of Practice Tests By finding and completing practice tests for standardized tests your child can be more comfortable with taking the test.
  4. Dealing with Test Anxiety This article suggests learning study techniques and having a positive attitude about tests to deal with your testing fear.
  5. Test Anxiety and What to Do About It Teach your child the tools to calm down when he gets anxious.
  6. Test Anxiety: Lions, Tigers, and Bears… Oh My! There’s a clear explanation of what test anxiety is and then suggestions on how to deal with it.
  7. Test Anxiety Guidance on how to help your child study for tests and help with coping with test anxiety.


The better your child is prepared the less stress he will feel about taking the test and the higher he will score on it.  The common thread of these blog posts seems to be to make review fun for the kids because they will learn more while they are enjoying themselves.  For tips on how to make test preparation fun read these seven blog articles.

  1. The Importance of Play in Preparing for Standardized Testing Review facts by putting them into a game show format and let the kids battle it out while they review.
  2. Standardized Test Prep: Where’s the Hook? Make test review fun by having a mascot and giving the kids rewards.
  3. 7 Pointers for Taking Standardized Tests Find tips for getting ready for the test in physical and mental ways.
  4. How to Prepare for State Test Taking Hints are shared on what you can do to get yourself ready for the test and what to do during the test to succeed.
  5. Tips for Teachers: Helping Your Students Prepare for Standardized Testing These tips can work for parents as well.
  6. Research Debunks Common Standardized Test Taking Strategies A discussion of old thoughts about taking the test versus new ideas.
  7. How Parents and Kids Can Survive Standardized Testing Tips about keeping to a routine and feeding your kids nutritious food are covered in this post.


As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect.  By practicing the types of questions that he will see on the test your child will be better prepared when faced with the real test.  Find places to let your child practice test taking by looking at these seven blog entries.

  1. New App Makes Standardized Test Preparation Mobile This mobile app allows your student to take practice tests anywhere they have a few minutes.
  2. Prepare Your Students for Standardized Testing with Vocabulary Spelling City Have your child practice vocabulary and word studies by going to this site.
  3. Is Your Student Taking a Standardized Test?  Follow These Basic Guidelines A recommendation to take a practice test is discussed on this blog.
  4. Basic Math Practice 2 Have your child practice their math before taking the test.
  5. Standardized Test Practice in a Fun Way: ID Incorrectly Written Sentences To work on language skills try one of these freebie sites listed on this blog.
  6. TerraNova Practice Test Find links to practices tests by grade level on this post.
  7. Online Practice for Standardized Tests Links for the best practice tests can be found on this blog entry.

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