3 best cities to study in Poland

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Poland is becoming one of the most popular destinations among the participants of the study programs. Which city to chose, when deciding to study in Poland? The choice depends on a few factors.

Poland, due to its size, is divided into many regions, which differ in the terms of dialect, culture and general specifics. Depending on its location, it will carry different intercultural influences. That’s why before deciding on a certain city, it’s worth to have the region’s specifics in mind. Polish biggest cities differ significantly in terms of life tempo, career opportunities as well as the general atmosphere. Check our guide on the most popular Polish student destinations to chose the most suitable for you.

#1 Kraków – study in Poland and feel the atmosphere

Kraków is a beloved city of its inhabitants as well as all the Polish people. The main reason is its inimitable atmosphere – a mix of the bustling cultural life, multicultural past, and well-preserved signs of history. Kraków is a big city, but when strolling in the closest center, which is a well preserved old town, you can hardly feel it. Lots of green areas, laid-back vibe, and an enormous amount of music and arts festivals and events make it the best place for a culture-thirsty student.

#2 Wrocław – study in Poland and feel the changes

Being a place with the complicated past, Wrocław is still in the process of being reborn. Destroyed during the end of WWII when it still had been a German city, it needed a couple of decades to come back to life. Now, the city is one of the liveliest in the whole of Poland, becoming the biggest IT market in the country. If you are planning to study architecture, computer sciences or other technical subjects, there is no better place for you. However, if you are a student of human and art sciences, who is intrigued by the city, don’t get discouraged. Wrocław has also a great scene of young designers and artists.

#3 Warsaw – study in Poland and feel the tempo

When moving to study in Poland, there will be many people advising you to skip visiting Warsaw – don’t listen to them! The Polish capital is an astonishing mix of old and new, and the litmus paper for the country’s development. Completely destroyed during the war, it was rebuilt quite quickly with the communist architecture. Warsaw attracts the people thirsty for the career, but also artists, writers, and journalists. It’s here where you will find the most interesting initiatives and the renowned schools with good programs in foreign languages. If you’re curious about the Polish big city life, Warsaw is a place for you.

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