3 Common Skin Problems During Pregnancy

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Falling pregnant is one of the most exciting and special moments in life. It also brings about some of the biggest changes to the body that a woman will ever experience. When you fall pregnant, you may notice differences in everything from your hair growth and weight gain to your appetite, energy levels, and your skin’s health. Three of the most common skin problems women experience during pregnancy are as follows:

1. Stretch marks

Stretch marks appear as lines or creases in the skin, and can be caused by sudden weight gain, a growth spurt, or pregnancy. It is common for pregnant women to get stretch marks around the belly and breast areas, as these are the two areas that grow the most.

Pregnancy stretch marks are completely normal, and will usually fade to white after a certain period of time. However, they can have a negative effect on body confidence, and leave many people looking to find out how to get rid of stretch marks following their pregnancy.

Exercise can sometimes help to tone up the skin, making the marks appear less noticeable than before. The more effective treatment, however, is to take some time to search for the best stretch mark cream for your requirements. Stretch mark cream can help stretch marks to fade more quickly, minimising their appearance in the meantime.

2. Acne

You might have thought your teenage acne days were long behind you, but acne is actually a fairly normal skin problem to experience during pregnancy. An increase in your hormones is to blame – this causes your skin’s glands to produce more oil, which clogs pores and ultimately leads to breakouts.

You are more likely to experience acne in your first and second trimesters of pregnancy, after which it should clear up as your hormone levels drop. If your acne is getting you down, you can treat it by incorporating a pimple removal cream into your daily skincare routine – just be sure to check it’s safe to use during pregnancy. If home remedies are more your thing, you can also whip up an oatmeal face mask, or apply a touch of apple cider vinegar.

3. Skin tags

Skin tags are harmless tumors that grow on top of the skin. They are usually found on the chest, arms, neck, and eyelids, and can be caused in pregnancy by hormonal fluctuations. It’s common for pregnant women to develop skin tags on their groin or abdomen area, and some women may feel pain and discomfort from them.

Skin tags don’t go away after you’ve given birth, but they can easily be removed by a doctor or a dermatologist. Common ways to remove skin tags are to snip or freeze them. If none of these sound too appealing to you, you can also purchase skin tag removal cream, which should remove the tag in a far more gentle manner. You can also try a daily application of apple cider vinegar, which should break down the tissues around the skin tag and help it to naturally break off.

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