3-faced Rick Perry Blasts Feds for Same Thing He Does

Aug 19, 2011 by

by Peter Stern


As reported many times by people who have followed the history of Texas Governor Rick Perry, the man cannot be trusted nor should people believe anything Perry says. He is a proven liar.

Yesterday, liar Perry told an audience up in Concord, New Hampshire that the Federal Government has NOT been open to Americans and it must remain transparent to the public. However, Perry has consistently refused to make public his own many and varied traveling expenses and actions as the leading official from Texas. Included in his travels are several excursions to the Middle East, California and many other curious places for a Texas Governor.

Perry is like Cerberus, the 3-headed Dog, who lashes out without any reason or clarity and no one should trust such a creature. Perry traveled at least 25 times last year and he refuses to open up the reasons for those travels and the expenditures associated with them.

Perry has also covered-up various travel perks he has received from his wealthy special interests.

The Texas Public Records Act was supposed to ensure that the public has access to any level of information that is used by officials to do their jobs. The Texas Supreme Court and the Texas Legislature have recently shown their desire to protect Rick Perry from being open to the public.

American voters must keep LIAR & CROOK Rick Perry from ever stepping foot inside the White House. God only knows what Perry will ever do as President and the American people must protect themselves from further irresponsibility and special interest damage.

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