3 GOP senators stop LGBT ‘locomotive’ dressed up as ‘equality’

Jun 27, 2020 by

Senate Democrats failed in their efforts this week to force a vote on the LGBT-backed Equality Act, and that failure deserves a celebration by its foes, says a conservative activist.

Homosexual activists have hailed the Equality Act as a landmark bill that, if passed into law, would catapult LGBT rights beyond the state level and enshrine non-discrimination rights for homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgenders.

Human Rights Campaign, the homosexual lobbyist group, states those “key areas of life” include “employment, housing, credit, education, publish spaces and services, federally funded programs, and jury service.”

HRC and its allies also know such a powerful federal law would steamroll their outspoken opposition, which is religious conservatives warning that our federal government would endorse and enforce what orthodox Christianity teaches is sinful, evil, and harmful behavior.

Such biblical beliefs about marriage and sexuality are also found in Judaism and Islam, but LGBT activists routinely call such beliefs “homophobic” and “hate speech,” and they blame religious teachings for bullying and suicide rates among young LGBT youths, for example.

Sen. Jeff Merkley, who introduced the legislation, told his colleagues that “every individual” can “thrive in our nation” if the measure passes.

U.S. Capitol 3HRC, on its website, points out the legislation enjoyed co-sponsorship in the House by a Republican congressman, Brian Fitzpatrick. In the Senate, Republican Sen. Susan Collins joined Democrats as co-sponsor.

Had the measured passed, citing just one example, Stephanie Curry of the Family Policy Alliance says radical sex-ed lessons would have been required in every public school that receives federal funding, which is virtually all of them and hence tens of millions of students would be subjected to it.

“We’re seeing schools being required to teach about LGBT individuals throughout math, history, social studies,” she points out.

The measure was blocked by three Republican senators: Mike Lee, of Ohio; Josh Hawley, of Missouri; and James Lankford, of Oklahoma.

Love winsIn his floor speech, Sen. Lankford pointed out the Equality Act makes no exemption for religious liberty and privacy.

Sen. Lee also pointed out the legislation has no exemption for religious employers. He warned colleagues the measure fails to protect women from transgender women – biological men – in public restrooms and in women’s sports.

OneNewsNow has reported that transgender women are dominating biological females in women’s athletics — and enjoying accolades from LGBT groups and a fawning media for doing so.

Democrats’ plan to push the Equality Act received little media coverage last week but attorney and radio host Abraham Hamilton III warned his American Family Radio audience that the GOP-led Senate was readying for a vote.

wedding rings on Bible 620x300Asked by OneNewsNow what the three GOP senators prevented, Hamilton says they “held at bay the locomotive that is currently barreling down the tracks to crush religious liberty in America.”

Curry tells OneNewsNow there was little chance the Equality Act would get through the Senate this year but she predicts it will be reintroduced in the next session.

Source: 3 GOP senators stop LGBT ‘locomotive’ dressed up as ‘equality’

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