3 Things Every College Freshman Should Add to Their Back-to-School Shopping List

Aug 10, 2018 by

Now that you’re done with high school and getting ready for your first semester of college, you’ll need a few things to prepare yourself.

Now that you’re done with high school and getting ready for your first semester of college, you’ll need a few things to prepare yourself. Aside from navigating campus and your degree, you also have your dorm room to deck out. You’ll need a mattress cover, desk chair, decorations, a lamp, and other necessities to make college living more comfortable.  View this link now to find the best pillow top mattresses for your household needs. As you’re getting ready, you’ll have a long list of must-haves to collect before the first day. Here are three that should be on your list.

  1. A Sturdy Book Bag

One of the best things about high school is your close proximity to classes. Most classes were in the same building and you had a locker in a central location where you could exchange your books before going to your next class.

However, college isn’t like that. You’ll have to carry your books from home to your classes, and unless you want to go home in between classes, you’ll want a sturdy, trendy backpack that can hold your laptop, books, and all your supplies no matter how many classes you have in a day.

This is one item you’ll want to spend the extra money on, as a cheap backpack will probably break halfway through the semester. Try a leather Fossil messenger bag; a sturdy, trendy, and spacious bag that’s perfect for your first semester.

  1. Trendy Walking Shoes

As you might have gathered from the previous section, you’ll be doing a lot of walking. Most college freshman don’t have a car, and even if you do, parking lots are often spaced far from classrooms. You could easily walk several miles in a day, just going between classes.

Make sure you have a pair of high-quality walking shoes. These sneakers should be comfortable while adhering to the latest trends. Once again, this isn’t an item you should go cheap on unless you want holes in your shoes a few weeks into the semester. Cheap shoes likely won’t provide the support you need, either, and too much walking in uncomfortable shoes can cause blisters as well as knee and back pain.

Rather than heading to your average big-box store before the beginning of your first semester, try online shopping. Reign, for example, is a fun online shop to help you get all your back-to-school clothing items. Reign sneakers are exactly what you need for your first semester at college: attractive, comfortable, and durable.

  1. A Laptop

While it’s certainly not a requirement to bring a laptop to school with you, it’s very useful, and many teachers will expect you to have one.

Shop for a good laptop that will last all four years of college and beyond. It should also have high enough ram and storage to load software that you may have to use throughout your schooling. You can find affordable laptops that will run a word processor and web browser, but they probably won’t be equipped for the long haul.

To avoid purchasing a new laptop halfway through your college education, research high quality laptops designed for school. While looking for what’s on the inside, focus on the exterior. A lighter laptop will make wandering around campus without breaking your back much easier.

Take care when shopping before your first semester in college. If you’re prepared, the next four years could be the best of your life!

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