3 Ways to Keep Your Kids Occupied in a Fun, Healthy Way Over Summer Break

Jun 11, 2021 by

Healthy homemade fruit popsicles made with five ingredients or less! Four delicious recipes to choose from, strawberry, watermelon, lemon, and coconut.

Virtual school is winding down for the year and the country is finally opening back up. Now, all that’s left to decide is how to spend your time. Following the lockdown during the summer of 2020, your kids are — understandably — ready for a true school’s-out celebration.

As we return to relative normalcy, it’s the perfect time to dive into new healthy habits and pick up old hobbies. You also don’t need to completely abandon your favorite pandemic pastimes. Perhaps you’ll enjoy baking even more without a COVID cloud looming over your head.

If you’re headed back to work or are looking to take advantage of a break for yourself, here are some tips to keep your kids occupied in a fun and healthy way.

Make homemade fruit popsicles

Baking is an easy and fun family activity. But let’s face it — no one wants to be waiting by the oven or dealing with melt-y chocolate chips during the heat of summer. Popsicles are the perfect solution! Five ingredient recipes mean that this activity is fun and fast, creating summertime memories without dominating your entire schedule.

This is a great activity for families with multiple children, or neighborhood friends who want to join in on the fun. You can load up a car to the grocery store and let each popsicle participant pick out their favorite fruits. Strawberries, blueberries, bananas… the options are endless, especially when you start creating multi-flavor blends.

Best of all, this activity serves to create future fun! Once you’ve finished crafting your blends, simply pop the desserts into your freezer. These healthy, fruit-based popsicles are easy grab-and-go snacks — whether you’re relaxing on the porch or en-route to another adventure.

Find adventure in a new book

The state of travel is still slightly uncertain as we emerge from the global shutdown. These uncertainties, combined with the financial constraints that resulted from COVID, may mean that your family isn’t planning a typical vacation this year.

Fortunately, virtually any place in (or beyond!) our world is accessible within the pages of a book. Whether your house is home to an elementary schooler, middle schooler, or teen, there is a book ready to keep them learning and exploring during the summer months. The best part? Books are much less expensive than plane tickets.

Check out this guide from Bulk Books on the best books for kids over summer break.

A one-time purchase of a book can bring hours and hours of entertainment. Many local libraries also offer summertime incentives to keep kids reading during their time off from school. It’s worth checking out the book-based businesses near you — who knows, you may win free pizzas or games of bowling, just from reading a good book!

Head to a local park

Finally, we’d suggest heading out to a local park. After so much time stuck inside, why not enjoy the weather and reconnect with neighbors? Parents who are still in a work-from-home situation could even accompany kids to these outdoor retreats (provided that the area as WiFi). You can enjoy the sunshine and get a new background for your Zoom calls!

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  1. Lesley Parker

    I am not sure that these tips could be helpful for keeping occupied all the kids. It would be nice if you could add more tips for very active kids.