4 Common Cox Cable Problems & How to Fix Them

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Just like any other telecommunication service provider, Cox cable can also create problems exactly when you cannot afford to have one. Internet speed getting slower or simply dying in the middle of an intense gaming session, or long-awaited TV show. This article is an effort to cover all the common problems that can occur when using Cox cable with solutions so customers know how to fix them, rather than waiting for technical or expert support or coordinating them according to your availability at home.

Now in 2020, problems can arise in various forms, and whether it just the slow internet, panoramic Wi-Fi, power-cut, issues with phone or TV, channels causing any kind of problem. If anyone is facing any such issues, or can no longer connect the internet to the phone, game console or tablet, enlisting how you should deal with all of these.

If any telecom provider is undergoing a complete power-cut, we cannot really do anything to fix it. The only solution is to wait for it to come back on its own or get an update from their customer support team regarding its expected availability. If there is any issue such as electricity outage, weather, or any unforeseen circumstances where something has hit the network, this may cause some cause an unannounced or undefined downtime.

The majority of the times, we can actually fix the problems ourselves, whether Cox Cable or any other connection – we may be able to save your time and hassle looking for help or undergoing any such situation. Even though, everything may just be a few steps down to a solution so here we are enlisting underneath the possible challenges one may experience while using Cox Cable and how to resolve them:

  • Why Cox Cable Not properly working?
  • Cox Internet Glitches
  • Cox Panoramic Wi-Fi Issues
  • Cox TV Issue

Why Cox Cable Not properly working?

Before getting panic and initiating troubleshooting or looking for help, one should assure that Cox may not be actually down. There are many websites such as DownDetector to check if anyone else is also facing the same issue or not or if there is an invasion of data somewhere. In case, everything appears fine and you still have a problem, you should call and report it and ask for help from the customer or technical support department.

Most of the COX cable issues are not too big so do not last too long and are resolved in a matter of few minutes.

Cox Internet Glitches

During the internet outage, it looks like the world has ended, applicable to most of us, if not all. We are unable to browse, check our social media, make the best out of our devices like tablets, phones, and computers unless it is connected to the internet or Wi-Fi. Even when everything is working, you may see the power light blinking if the signals are not too strong and solid light if it is catching solid signals. However, if the lights are off or constantly blinking, then there is certainly something wrong that needs attention.

Calling the support department, they would ask you to perform a few steps for almost ANY problem you report and that are: to restart your modem, router, cable box, etc. You just have to switch it off and on. A modem is typically a black box with an Ethernet cord and cable coming from it. How to restart your modem the right way:

  1. Unplug the modem/router from the power,
  2. Don’t plug in for at least 1 minute or even better it if not plugged for 5 minutes.
  3. Plug it back and return the power cord after a few minutes.
  4. It will restart and the major part of the problem may be gone.
  5. Some boxes come with a “reset” button on it, you can press it as well.

You should call from your smartphone or restart after the call. This procedure is applicable for both phone and internet. If doing this does not work, you might be needing to schedule a technician to check and see.

Cox Panoramic Wi-Fi Issues

Cox Panoramic Wi-Fi is a comparatively new product from Cox which covers the complete place and is pretty similar to the Mesh Wi-Fi network model. They utilize the new router/modem all-inclusive as well as Panoramic WiFi “Pods” which one can place around as to extend and overlap coverage of Wi-Fi connection. As a matter of fact, this is actually good and getting good reviews, however, there still are some complaints.

So, similar to the previous guide, the first option is to reboot the Panoramic Wi-Fi system or router. Moreover, you should unplug the pods as well, while power cycling the modem or router. Then, step-by-step resume the power to both.

Cox TV

The issues with Cox Advanced TV or Cox TV are quite similar to the internet – whether the issue is with the Contour Box, Mini box, or Cox TV channels. Again, the first step is always rebooting the device – switch it off and then switch on after a couple of minutes. If you see blue, fuzzy, black, or a tiled screen, chances are the cable is loose somewhere. Check the cables and tighten them at the back of your TV, Receiver, or electricity port. If everything is fine, and you have checked with the Cox customer support team there is no power outage or technical glitch from their end – you should call for technical help.

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