4 expert camping tips every beginner should know

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Camping has to be one of the most liberating ways to get away from it all and enjoy nature in all its glory. Free from restrictive timetables and set meal times, with no maid service to disturb you if you want to lay around all day and read a book, this is true freedom.

Still, despite all the positives there are lots of people who have yet to actually give camping a go. Usually this is simply because they are not sure what to expect, or they are worried about things like cooking on basic facilities outside, or taking a shower in a communal block.

The fear of the unknown means they are missing out on an amazing experience, which is a shame, so to create some balance we have done some research and come up with 4 tips from camping experts that are aimed especially at camping beginners – to help them have a great time, and come back for more.

Expert camping tip #1- Think big when choosing a tent

Ideally, double up on space based on the numbers going with you. If camping alone you will probably find one –person tent is more than adequate, although an annexe can be useful for extra space if say you plan to take a large sized dog camping with you.  For two people go for a 4-person tent, and so on. Try to get a tent with enough space inside to stand upright, and enough free space for everyone in it to be able to lounge around without almost playing Twister!

Expert camping tip #2- Make and take decent food

There’s nothing at all wrong with packet noodles made from water boiling on the fire (or camp stove), or a plate of sausages and baked beans, but if you are camping for more than one night it gets boring. Invest in a cool box and you can take a few extras like cheese which pair well with a nice bottle of wine, some crackers and some grapes for a suppertime feast, and it’s easy to prepare some foil dishes of flavored rice/couscous with vegetables to heat over the fire alongside tinned meat or with eggs. With some fruit and snacks from home you can enjoy a decent meal that doesn’t feel like rations.

Expert camping tip #3 – Don’t skimp on comfort

Unless you are planning to test your endurance camping doesn’t have to be about suffering. Invest in a good sleeping bag (such a goose down) to stay cozy and sleep well, and buy a decent tent rather than a cheap pop-up or something flimsy.

Expert camping tip #4 – Test and check your gear the week before the trip

Yes, your tent and equipment is all brand new, sure it should all be there, all work, and be as easy to put together as the box said – but you still need to take it all out and set it up and check it is all okay. You could even spend a night outside in it (in the yard) to check for any issues or problems.
If you’d like even more insight into first time camping prep take a look at Rainy Adventures.

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