4 Great Career Paths: Arizona Nursing Programs, Dental Programs, and More

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Are you stuck in a dead-end job you hate? Do you go to work each day desperate for a shred of meaning and fulfillment? Or maybe you like what you do, but it’s not giving you enough financial security to live the life you want. If any of these things resonate with your situation, you may be interested in exploring the growing fields of nursing, dental assisting, pharmacy tech or massage therapy.

Let’s check out what makes these four career paths attractive below.

Is there a more stable and growing industry than healthcare, and specifically, nursing? According to the BLS nursing jobs will have grown by 19% from 2012-2022, with more than 500,000 new jobs being created. In addition to a secure career outlook, nurses earn a healthy salary.

If you’re considering nursing as a career path, it’d be in your best interest to go for a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (BSN) as the higher degree will give you more credibility and expertise than the associates degree will.

Look into Arizona nursing programs like Arizona College, which offer a well-rounded curriculum of classroom theory, hands-on lab sessions as well as 877 hours of clinical rotation experience. Join the front lines of America’s healthcare and go to work with a purpose.

Dental Assisting
If you find yourself flossing after every meal and brushing your teeth multiple times throughout the day, then a career in dental assisting may be for you. Dental assistant jobs are growing at a rapid rate. By 2022, more than 70 thousand jobs will have been created since 2012, about 25% of current dental assistant positions. Experience a wide range of responsibilities and possible work environments when you choose a career in dental assisting.

You can work in general dental practices or strive for a more specialized practice such as orthodontics or oral and maxillofacial surgical offices. Dental assistants typically perform a hybrid of administrative and customer service roles, in addition to their main duty helping dentists during exams and procedures.

Pharmacy Technician
If nurses are on the front lines of America’s healthcare, then pharmacy technicians are on the front lines of America’s preventative healthcare. Pharmacy technicians enjoy a stable career that’s expected to increase 20% from 2012 to 2022.

Technicians work under the supervision of pharmacists in places like grocery stores, hospitals, and drug stores preparing and handing out patients’ drug prescription orders. If you like a good balance of interacting with people and performing administrative tasks alone, then pursuing a career as a technician could be a great fit for you.

Massage Therapy
When you talk to massage therapists, you usually gain a sense of calmness, an inner aura full of holistic peace. Massage therapists spend their days alleviating their patients’ pain through a series of massage techniques and postural alignments.

Experienced massage therapists may set their own hours and rates, providing for a flexible work-life balance. They work in spas, private clinics, hospitals, and even fitness centers. Once a massage therapist works up their client base, they can even become a traveling massage therapist. The field is growing, too, with 30,000 more jobs expected to be available by 2022.

Strive for a future you’ll love by going to school for one of these growing careers.

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