4 Music Resources You Should Know About

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If you’ve recently decided to take up a new instrument or you’ve always felt that your creativity might benefit from you learning how to play the guitar, the violin, or any other type of musical instrument, you’re in the right place. It’s often that music lessons can be expensive, and hiring a teacher for private lessons will cost you a pretty penny.

There are ways of dealing with this situation even if your budget isn’t what it is supposed to. First off, we would like to point out that you have to be as resourceful as possible to look for the right sources. Second, it’s important to note that once you take up an instrument, you should commit to a practice schedule.

It’s even better if you try to understand your habits and whether you’re likely to give it up sooner rather than later. Many people have a problem with their resolutions, and if music isn’t a particularly important part of your life, you might find it less useful to learn how to play an instrument in the future.

Without further ado, we invite you to check out the following resources if you’d like to become a musician all on your own.


There are loads of sites that can actively help you learn how to play the guitar. Start by checking out Internet Guitar Database. This particular website doesn’t create its own content, but it curates learning tools from other sites.

There’s also Chordbook, where you’ll find as many as 1,300 guitar chords, and you’ll learn to tune a guitar or just scales. Jamorama is one of the most popular online resources for learning how to play this instrument, and there are hundreds of lessons available. It’s a pay site, though, so if you don’t have any money for this purpose, maybe you should stick to social media networks like YouTube.


Zebra Keys comes with as many as fifty free piano lessons. Each of these is accompanied by a particular animation which illustrates how you are supposed to play what you have been taught. This system enables learners to practice effortlessly.

PianoNanny is another free resource you might want to give a shot to, as well as Piano Tricks. If everything else fails, you might have to consider joining a Lynda class — this site is a goldmine for those looking to learn anything.

Other instruments

If you want to learn how to play the trombone, you should check out Lenthe Lessons. Violin Online can walk you through every little bit of info you should know about violin playing, and it will even let you know about some tips you should take into account if want to properly care for your instrument. It might not tell you how to buy stands for violins, but it will provide a more than decent walk-through anything else. You may also check Codabow if you’re looking for a modern bow that will help you come up with quality music and excel in your craft. 

Use ActiveBass for learning how to play the bass guitar, Cello Online for what its name suggests, and You Can Play Sax to take your saxophone playing skills to a whole new level.

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