4 Ways to Improve Student Performance with CBD

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With the epidemic rise of attention deficit disorder and its accompanying mental stress, students everywhere are desperately searching for an edge over their peers. Fortunately, new studies have found that adding CBD to high-pressure school situations can improve performance.

So what’s up? Two cannabis experts from High Country Healing in Colorado explain:

“There’s a difference between CBD and THC,” says High Country Healing founder Aaron Nelson. “THC is the chemical compound that causes the ‘high’ associated with marijuana use. CBD doesn’t get you high at all, but it does have psychoactive properties that help relax people.”

From epilepsy to ADHD, doctors turn to CBD oil to help patients improve focus and enjoy a calmer state of mind.

“It’s all about the neurotransmitters,” Nelson says. “CBD tricks your brain into thinking it has more serotonin and dopamine, which are chemicals responsible for mood regulation.”

With that in mind, here are four ways your child can get smarter with CBD oil:

1. Anxiety

Whether it’s a difficult test, a presentation to the class, or a vital sports game, students have a lot on their plates these days. Fortunately, studies have found that taking CBD 10 minutes before anxiety-inducing events can improve performance. You need to concentrate on the game, but your heart is pounding, your palms are sweaty, and you’re filled with dread. If this sounds like you—or if it sounds like any student who has ever taken a vital exam or stepped onto a field of play—consider taking CBD before the big day.

It won’t make you forget everything you need to know, but it will help your brain process information more quickly so you can get an A on that Biochemistry test or throw the winning touchdown.

2. Depression

One of the most significant impacts of depression is that it makes students more impulsive. They might not have the patience to sit through a boring lecture or dedicate long hours of study time, even though both are crucial for success. Fortunately, studies have shown that adding CBD to one’s daily routine can help improve emotional stability and reduce symptoms of depression.

If you’re struggling with hopelessness or lack of motivation, talk to your doctor about trying CBD. Your mood might improve enough that you have the patience for that extra studying—and get better grades as a result.

Even children aren’t immune to the effects of depression, and CBD oil can help alleviate symptoms in both kids and teens.

In 2002, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of random drug testing schools, which is surprisingly growing despite studies showing ineffective. Whether it is at home or school-based programs; more research must take place on both safety and efficacy before implementing any such policies

The American Academy for Pediatrics (AAP) believes strongly against this practice because they say there isn’t enough evidence to support either argument

3. Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD)

CBD is ideal for anxiety and depression and bipolar disorder, ADD/ADHD, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Depression and anxiety often go hand in hand with ADHD, and studies have shown that CBD can help improve focus and reduce hyperactivity.

“It’s super important now that we consider the emotional impact of education at a young age,” Nelson says. “These kids aren’t doing as many outdoor activities or exercising as they should, and our bodies require physical activity to keep our brains healthy. CBD is a great way to boost moods and maintain focus.”

Your academic performance is vital at any age. Whether you’re working toward your doctorate or want to do well in first grade, CBD oil can help improve focus and rates while calming you down, so you don’t feel overwhelmed by a challenging math class.

4. Epilepsy

While other studies have found positive impacts on depression, anxiety, and ADHD, the most significant effect might be seen in epileptic patients. Studies conducted by the New York University School of Medicine have shown that epilepsy patients taking CBD had a substantial reduction in the number of seizures they experienced, with some patients having zero fits at all.

That’s good news for epileptic students or those who live with them since it means that education can become more accessible by preventing debilitating fits. If your child misses too much school due to epilepsy, talk to his doctor about trying CBD.

For any school with a drug policy, the risk of being kicked out is relatively high. But, there are ways to save your GPA and keep your scholarship with CBD. It’s becoming a trendy alternative to prescription medication.

In conclusion, CBD can help improve almost every aspect of your student life, from better grades and focus to less depression and anxiety. Be careful though because not all CBD is created equal. Start with a USDA certified organic CBD product like those from Joy Organics or Cornbread Hemp and see how that works for you. If you’re struggling academically or personally, talk to your doctor about starting a regimen of CBD oil. It could be the extra boost you need for success in school and life.

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