4 Ways to Prepare for Your College Interview

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Even though we acknowledge that your college application process might already be wearing you down at this point, this isn’t the correct time to slack off!

You would have a lot on your plate, including informing college about your true potential and charming personality you come in handy with!

 College interviews happen to be the only way for schools to get to know the genuine you.

Though many college interviews are pretty straightforward, however, you’d doubtlessly get an adequate amount of opportunities within the interview to make yourself stand out from the rest of the candidates.

We assure you that you are at the right place if you are among the students whose college interviews are just around the corner and searching for reasonable ways to ace them.

 Lucky for you, we got on board with a few college authorities to know what they really wanted from a candidate in a college Interview.

With that being said, we guarantee you that the college interview tips that we are about to provide you underneath will unquestionably get you prepped for your big day!

1.  Practice makes you feel confident.

Giving an exceptional interview is a skill, and not many people ace it. While being caught up in an interview, you would be surrounded by tons of questions coming rapidly from the interviewer.

If only you really want to earn yourself a seat in college, then you must answer those questions within a second so that the interviewer can feel that the person he’s interviewing is not dumb!

Now the real trouble is, how can one practice for his interview when he has never attended one in his entire life? If you are thinking about this, then we surely have got you covered.

All you need to do is take help from college admission consulting or sit down with your family or friend and ask them to put you in a college interview simulation.

Try to respond to their questions with full honesty and confidence, and you’ll see yourself progressing at a rapid pace.

The more practice you would have, the easier it would become for you to follow through with the ideas we will provide you below.

2.  Show how well researched you are about the college.

There are high chances that if you are selected for an interview with the college committee, then you must have gone through a long application process. This is why we request you not to ruin your chances by walking into the interview without knowing about the college.

Prior to stepping in the interview, you need to perform comprehensive research about the college you are applying to. You should figure out how many yards your college covers, what major courses it offers, what it is well known for, and more stuff similar to that.

Demonstrating to the interviewer or the college committee about the knowledge you have about their school will not only make you a reliable candidate. Still, it would also prove to be helpful for you to gain the trust of the interviewer. 

Showing your research would portray that you not only want to learn, but you want to learn from them! Thus, this is the factor that you simply can’t overlook.

3.  You need to show them your growth!

You might be surprised to know the fact that, despite having outstanding grades in A-Levels or Sats, despite having dozens of academic achievements to their name, some students still fail to make their place into an ivy league college!

Want to know why?

College interviewers really want to know that you are not only outstanding in your academics but have a great and growing personality too.

Your academic achievements will only take you to an interview in a prestigious college. However, the growth you did in your life would be the real key to earning a seat in your desired college.

Your interview happens to be the perfect opportunity to explain your application to the interviewer in much profound detail. 

Sure, an admission officer would know already that you served in the student council for a year, but what he won’t be knowing is what it took for you to earn a place in the student council. We truly believe, then you won’t find an opportunity better than your interview to tell the admission officer about your hard work. 

This is why, while preparing for your college interview, you need to analyze your growth, put it into words, and smack it to the admission officer like a pro! 

4.  Prepare a sheet of questions to ask the interviewer.

People might tell you to dress nicely for an interview or do what the interviewer asks you to do. But, this isn’t really the case.

We believe that interviews aren’t just one-way conversations. Though your interviewer would be asking you dozens of questions, you shouldn’t be afraid to throw some of your questions to him as well.

Every college out there wants to know whether the candidate takes his career and academics seriously or not! And asking the interviewer genuine and unique questions would be proof that you are not here to waste your and your interviewer’s time.

However, most of you would probably wonder how you can come up with a list of genuine questions to ask in an interview. Then we have your back here as well!

All we are requesting you to do is come up with such questions you don’t know about your college and then write them down on a piece of paper.

Once you are done with that, now try to figure out the answers to those questions yourself. Skip to the next question if you fail to get the answer to any of the questions.

The queries that will remain unanswered in the end would be the genuine questions to ask your interviewer! 

Final Word

While wrapping it up, we believe that a college interview might be a no-brainer for most students out there.

However, there are actually numerous ways in which you can make sure that every second you spend with your school admission office pays off!

There is more to a college Interview than wearing your best outfit or portraying your confident side. 

This is why we believe that if only you comply and go with the college interview tips that we have provided you above, nothing can really stop you from acing your interview.

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