5 Bachelor Degrees That Are Ideal for Veterans

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On leaving the armed forces – the average veteran is in a curious position. The men and women that make up: the army, air force, navy or other defence organisations – gain skills, knowledge and experience that make them extremely attractive to all sorts of employers. On becoming a civilian again, a veteran my find that he or she misses the structure and purpose that the armed services provide, or that they are not sure to what career of path their skills are best suited. A veteran in this position should consider college.

A bachelor degree can hone skills and interests that veterans already possess and apply them to a new context- the working world. Here are some suitable degrees for vets:

Business Administration

Institutions like the army require attributes that are very well-suited to business. Soldiering often necessitates organisation, initiative and leadership- all highly transferable skills.

A degree in business administration shows employers that the holder has an advanced knowledge of: negotiation, entrepreneurship, logistics, management, finance and other key skills. A graduate will also have all they need to start their own enterprise.

Computer Science

Today’s armed forces have become more and more IT focussed, modern warfare is as much about technology than anything else. Veterans that have experience and a liking for computer science might consider furthering their knowledge with a degree.

Programming is now a vital ability for nearly every industry, whether writing new software or managing networks. A veteran who is also a computer science graduate will be an enticing prospect for high paying companies.

Health Studies

In the field or on base, the health of the forces is paramount. Many vets will have experience in administering important health care tasks: like nursing, first aid or nutrition.

Health studies is a diverse and indispensable field of study that will expand any student’s ability to be useful to society.

Human Resources

Human resources are an intrinsic part of any company and hard-working HR pros are constantly sort after, especially by large organisations. Attributes like- patience, diplomacy, attention to detail and negotiation make for an excellent HR employee.

A degree on the subject will give the student a better understanding of the forms and practises involved and will set them up for a rewarding and varied career.

Homeland Security

This subject technically comes under the bracket of a criminal justice degree, so it’s about making sure that justice is being carried out, law is observed and that the nation is protected from outside threat.

This has obvious appeal to someone who has already had a career in the army or something similar. A veteran can continue to work in an area they are passionate about. In the US, the Department of Homeland Security employs 170,000 people and is made up 22 federal agencies and other areas of the government consider a degree in Homeland Security a plus.

These are just 5 of the degree options that are available for veterans. Try reading the Definitive Guide to college for veterans here for more information. The subject and the level of study is up to you- there is often no need to take on a full degree and there are loads of other options available. Whatever the circumstance: if you have just left the armed forces- there is a bright future ahead if you choose to take it.

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