5 Best Apps for Teachers: 2019 Edition

Sep 25, 2019 by

There’s an app for that. 

It’s a phrase we’ve heard so many times before in many different faucets. From shopping and banking, to fitness and cooking apps, people are obsessed with the convenience and ease of using apps to accomplish everyday tasks. So why should teachers be any different? 

There’s no denying that technology in all forms has wiggled its way into the modern classroom — from SMART boards and iPads to virtual lessons and online courses, using technology is second-nature to most students across the country. But what about for teachers who juggle multiple lessons, roles, and responsibilities? How can apps better their daily routines and make life easier? Let’s take a look at five of the best apps for teachers in 2019 , suggested by the top mobile app firm.

1. Epic Unlimited Books for Kids

Reading is one of the primary building blocks of any student’s educational experience. With the introduction of Kindle, it’s no surprise that children’s books are following down the same path. This app helps teachers save hundreds of dollars on paperback books for their classroom library. Not to mention the heartache over torn pages or misplaced copies. 

The Epic Unlimited app gives teachers free access to over 15,000 books for children ages 12 and under. Titles fall into several categories ranging from popular and best sellers to fiction and even Spanish titles. Most books are also broken down by age, making it easy for teachers and students to access age-appropriate materials.

Other great tools for teachers include videos and lesson ideas to help craft projects and classroom learning that reinforce what students are reading. This helps with comprehension and holds students accountable.

2. Kahoot

Just the name of this app sounds playful and fun — and with good reason. The Kahoot app is a virtual playground for students that combines fun and learning. The app is used by teachers in the classroom to help motivate students. Teachers can craft quizzes and games based on the current lesson or topics students are interested in. These games are displayed on the classroom SMART board to get everyone excited and involved. 

Students can access the app as well and use it as a virtual buzzer during in-class games with classmates. Adding a little fun and healthy competition into the classroom is a great way to get students thinking, communicating, and learning! These ideas can also help breathe new life into your lesson plans.

3. Remind

The parent-teacher relationship is a special and unique one that needs to be fostered throughout a student’s career. When parents and teachers work together, it helps create a strong, consistent foundation for both young and advanced learners. And communication is at the forefront of this relationship. 

The Remind app is designed specifically to support communication between parents and teachers, as well as parents and the school district. With the busy lives we all lead, it’s sometimes difficult to send home reminders and information about upcoming events, fundraisers, school closures, and other important dates. 

When parents sign-up for the Remind app, they receive alerts from both the teacher and the district. Parents can also message teachers within working hours and chat with fellow-parents. It’s one of the easiest and most convenient ways for parents and teachers to send a quick note or have a brief exchange without making a phone call or sending an email. 

4. Evernote

In a world where everyone and everything is going green, it was only a matter of time before the spiral-bound notebook was replaced with an app. Introduce: Evernote. 

This note-taking app allows teachers and students to use shared notebooks. That means no more handouts and no more hand cramps as students desperately try to keep-up with the notes displayed on the SMART board. This eliminates mistakes and allows students to focus more on what’s being taught and less on jotting down endless notes. Teachers can share information directly through the app, saving hundreds of dollars in school-budget money for printer paper and photo copies. 

With information in-hand (or in-app, we should say), students are truly present in-class as the teacher explains what the notes say and how they apply to the lesson. It’s also less-likely students will use the excuse that they forgot their notebook or their dog ate their homework. Teachers can even share homework assignments, project requirements, and other information directly through the app. Evernote makes the note-taking process easy and convenient for both teachers and students. 

5. Teach Learn Lead

While many people feel social media is the demise of our society and nothing good comes from it, there’s no denying it’s appeal and the hold it has over today’s youth. With that being said, why not utilize that power for good? 

Teach Learn Lead is for teachers, rather than students. This app creates a safe space for teachers from across the globe to meet and interact. Let’s face it, some teachers don’t feel comfortable discussing gripes, issues, or questions in the teacher’s lounge. On Teach Learn Lead, teachers can share ideas, concerns, and ask for advice from other teachers at their same grade level or teaching similar subjects or groups of children. 

Veteran teachers can help newbies create effective lesson plans, handle “difficult” students, and learn new and challenging curriculum. On the flip-side, younger teachers can easily offer advice on tech in the classroom to veterans (who are already half-way there if they’re using this app!) Not only can teachers discuss curriculum and lesson plans, but they can have fun exchanges about students, activities, and even projects.

Regardless of your feelings about technology in the classroom, there’s no denying the convenience and efficiency of some of these apps. Whether you’re saving money on paperback books and copies or communicating easily and freely with parents and fellow teachers, these apps help build relationships and promote student success. And these are just a few of the many apps revolutionizing the teaching world. 

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