5 Best Grammar and punctuation online Tools that are completely free

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Blogging nowadays is very much in trend, everyone from a kid of around 12 years to an adult or an elder is a blogger. Blogging has even become a profession; anyone who wants to add some information on the web or wants to promote his or her brand has started blogging. However, a good quality blog is the one, which is free from any sort of grammatical errors, punctuation errors also free from any sort of content that is rewritten. Therefore, to produce such contents that are free from all these problems we need some tools that have the capability to check any sort of grammatical or punctuation error that is left unseen by the writer.

Why do we need a grammar correction tool?

As sometimes even after checking the content again the human eye misses some of the words that are incorrect because it is the human mind that while reading in a flow even if encounters a wrong word spells it correctly due to which we human do not identify it as wrong. Therefore, to tackle such situations we need a tool that checks these mistakes briefly without ignoring one.

Some free correction tools:

Therefore, here are some free Grammar and punctuation corrector that will be useful for all the bloggers so that they can produce error free contents to publish on their sites.

  • Scribens: A powerful online tool uses a very strong algorithm that recognizes the syntax and corrects all sorts of errors such as typing errors, grammatical errors, pronouns, synonyms etc.

It even provides the explanations to the corrections so that the user may know the reason that why it is an error.

  • Ginger tool: Ginger is an online grammar-checking tool that helps users to eliminate errors from their write-ups. Ginger is available in free version as well as paid version namely basic and premium.

The best part or the advantage of the ginger tool is yeah! Of course, it is free but the other thing that is good and unique about it is that we do not need to copy-paste our MS-Word content on it instead it automatically connects with word documents and proofreads them.

  • Paper Rater: Paper-rater is another powerful online error checker that is free of cost and does not require any prior installation on user’s computer or may be a handset. It checks for all sort of errors as well as checks for any sort of plagiarism (i.e. content is already available or is already published).
  • Grammar check: It is again a free online grammar and punctuation- checking tool that finds errors that are not easy to detect by human or other available tools. It is free and highly secure in the way that it does not keep a record of the data that a user enters into it for checking as it immediately deletes the data after checking.
  • Language tool: As the name suggest relating to language, i.e. this tool is a tool that is open for all and it does not limit itself to only one language i.e. English for checking and proofreading instead it has a span of about 20 languages.
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