5 Best Places to Study Abroad

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Laying a strong educational foundation is the cornerstone of building a strong academic background. It proffers an edge in career growth and development. With that being said, there is no better place to embark on other than these five best places to study abroad that are among the world top 100 universities.

New York University at Berlin (Germany)

At Berlin (Germany), which is the silicon valley of Europe, New York University epicenters quality higher education. It is one of the most sought after universities around the world with modern European history. A place with a historical background of World War II, Cold war, and others deemed as the most youthful, cultural, and artistic. With planned day trips and excursions, students can learn much outside the classroom. Furthermore, there is endless self-learning and intellectual development with the help of highly qualified faculty and staff.

American College Dublin (Ireland)

Located in the heart of the city, American College Dublin is one of the most excellent places to pursue overseas education. Situated at the center of historical Merion square, American College Dublin boasts a rich culture of Ireland and Dublin enriched with restaurants, theaters, museums, galleries, and pubs. This University is an ideal place for students to foster learning while experiencing the rich Irish heritage and diversity.

Bond University (Gold Coast, Australia)

Bond University at Gold Coast, Australia has been the preferred destination of students worldwide. Being the eternal source of intellect and morals, this University is the paragon of cultural and academic excellence. With beautiful landscapes, nightclubs, and pristine beaches, this place symbolizes authentic Australian culture and diversity. For students aspiring to study in Australia, Bond University offers a chance to learn and thrive with the aid of professional and experienced faculties.

King’s College (London, England)

At London (England), King’s College is a representative of academic pursuit. Being amongst the top thirty universities in the world, this University is one of the oldest in London. Being at the heart of the city, students will love to explore the fun, lively, and charismatic culture around. With so much to see and do in this great city of London, the students can walk around to explore the historical museums and buildings. Apart from the classes conducted, there is ample time for self-learning and intellectual development. One can always seek the guidance of the University’s mentors and faculties to broaden one’s horizon.

The University of Cape Town (South Africa)

The University of Cape Town is known for its remarkable social, cultural and diverse background. Located at the foothills of Table Mountain’s devil peak, University of Cape Town got the most incredible view. The University’s attempt to offer the best of the education to students has endeavored to build an exchange agreement and partnership with leading African and international institution. Therefore, offering the student a combination of mesmerizing campus and robust educational infrastructure.


Choosing one of these universities gives the student the drive of a world-class education. All of these universities combine both conceptual and practical study to help student excel.

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