5 Best Real Estate Colleges in the World

Nov 24, 2019 by

Choosing a career in real estate definitely sound easy but you got to have a great understanding of the market and of course a certification for license to operate. With growing population, there is more than every requirement of housing and qualified professional to work in this industry. Having a professional certification not only give you an edge in the industry but also hands a lucrative career which demands skilled professionals. To start your career, you can opt for one of these colleges to develop concept for real life application in this field:

1. University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania offers comprehensive training program in real estate industry. It is one of the top-level institutions which use a blend of latest research and experimental learning to create perfect learning solution for students. With high experienced mentors, the institute endeavors to train students with real world insight knowledge of real estate. There are multiple courses in real estate which students can choose from such as real estate investment, housing, and advanced real estate investment analysis.

2. New York University

New York University is a leader in providing inter-disciplinary education program for students. Being one of the top ranked industries, the university incorporates both theory and experimental learning to teach students. The University offers multiple courses in real estate which focus on real estate finance, real estate finance, real estate development and strategic real estate investment. Students can choose from courses that develops them for professional growth in the global market.

3. Validum Institute (Australia)

Validum Institute is a prestigious real estate school offering affordable and flexible learning solution to both national and international students. If you want to make a career in real estate, you got to have a certification that highlights your genuineness. The schools with its unique approach train students with customized learning to increase their knowledge and confidence so they can better perform in real life situations of the industry.

4. Haas School of Business (Berkeley)

The Haas School of Business at Berkeley strives to provide academic and cultural excellence to students. The students can choose from multiple real estate courses in real estate development, finance, securitization, and housing. The college provides substantial opportunities for students to learn and grow by partnering with industry leaders. The learning programs are taught by industry and academic experts who are experienced in their respective field. Students can utilize resources available at the college to conduct independent research with the aid of mentors to gain industry specific knowledge and develop their problem solving ability.

5. University of Wisconsin

The university proffers a strong and academic background to student by using a mix of challenging and rigorous educational programs. The university is consistently ranked top among the colleges providing real estate programs. With the aid of top-notch faculties, the institute commit to enhance the enhance the life of students by bringing extensive real estate program such as real estate law, real estate finance, property evaluation, and real estate development. Student can choose to participate in any of those programs to conduct experiential project and take part in field work to gain advance knowledge of their respective field.


Whatever the college you choose, it is important to stay focused and concentrate to acquire knowledge and gain understanding of the real estate. Being familiar about the field will certainly help you shine in this sector.

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