5 Brands of clothes for ladies that you should absolutely try

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Many brands selling clothes for ladies exist with a vast history. This is a quick summary of five brands of fashion creators selling clothes for ladies we have picked to guide you through. These five brands have not been categorized under the criteria of popularity instead they have been categorized based on how well presented they should be, how their collections should be and how they present their products and their qualities.

  1. Be irresistible with GERRY WEBER

By simply trying one of Gerry Weber you can be an irresistible woman, Gerry Weber is proposing various collections. Gerry Weber is proposing a classy and executive collection that will make you professional and elegant by offering clothes of irreproachable quality that offers envious and admirative design Gerry Weber represents an elegant and stylish fashion tendency for women with high expectations. GERRY Weber proposes three types of collection, a stylish and serious business look falling perfectly at the shoulders for the office slightly bent and unclosed the Gerry Weber blazers enhances all silhouettes to give you a serious and chic look at the office, a casual style look with optimal comfort for the weekend and also Gerry Weber offers a women fashion style look for parties which is distinguished by the detail of the dresses, the colors and the high-quality.

GERRY WEBER creates exiting modern and irresistible clothes for ladies. The Gerry Weber brand stands for a vivacious lifestyle and proposes three different brands. GERRY WEBER has as company philosophy to always ensure high-quality and trendy collections. In addition to offering trendy collections, Gerry Weber also proposes high-quality accessories in relation to their collections.

  1. 2 Biz brings a fresh collection

Since 1989 2 Biz is a family run business who grows year after year. 2 biz designs clothes for Scandinavian modern women of 25 years old and more who value fashionable clothes for every occasion 2 biz launches 6 collections every year following the seasons closely. 2biz reacts fast to new trends by adapting its 2 Biz collection every time with updated colors and cuts. 2 Biz always focuses on the comforts of their clothes 2 biz make certain that all their designs flatter any type of body. 2 Biz is distinguished by the feminine details exciting fabrics and graceful finishes. Ensuring the best possible value for money.

  1. Junge designing Scandinavian clothes with passion

Junge is designing with passion Scandinavian clothes that showcase the details and style of every woman Christian Junge created Junge. The brand Junge has adopted an elegant and timeless style that focuses on fashion tendencies in Nordic lifestyle. The popular classics collections of the past are always reinvented into a modern look that harmonizes with Junge philosophy. established since 1946 Junge is based on great artistic handy work and incredible tailoring. Junge jackets provide a great fit. Junge quality is at the highest point which is expressed in the choice of fabric and details.

  1. Masai a fabulous brand

Masai is a fabulous brand with a rich history of fashion. Masai described themselves as a fabulous brand with colorful collections. Masai design market who rather like to dress more relaxed and individual. Masai employs a compulsive diversity of silhouettes in an assortment of fine textiles creating high quality and beautiful patterns. Since 1992 Masai has been creating the best colorful collections.

  1. Betty Barclay the feminine brand

The Betty Barclay brand is defined themselves as competent and sophisticated. Betty Barclay also define themselves as sovereign and Sportif in terms of fashion. Betty Barclay’s brand proposes contemporary collections for modern women that carry a high potential lifestyle. Betty Barclay’s aspiration is to a modern and trendy design with maximum comfort of portability. With unparalleled experience, Betty Barclay brand is a leader in the international and national market of clothes for ladies. Betty Barclay is synonymous with high standards of elegant sovereignty and fashion skills. Betty Barclay represents the spirit and lifestyle of modern women with a strong passion for women and femininity combining business and leisure.


Look no further about these 5 brands have the best quality in terms of fabrics and products. Each brand is sharing a rich history in fashion and always renovates their products. They attach strong importance to the details, comfort and the elegance of their clothes.

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