5 Common Call Centre Interview Questions and How To Answer Them

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Applying for a job within a call centre is much like applying for any other sort of job. You will send in your application along with your CV and cross your fingers that you will land yourself an interview.

Should you be successful and have the opportunity of an interview, then you could say the hard work really starts now!

You should be as prepared as possible for your job interview and should possess a healthy knowledge of the call answering service industry and how it works. It may also be helpful to know in advance what questions you will most likely to be asked at interview.

Let’s take a look at five of the most common call answering service interview questions asked, and how best to answer them.

1: How would you handle and angry customer?

This is probably one of the most common questions asked at interview, so have an answer ready along the lines of : “I would let the customer express their anger, and would note down any key issues they have. I would immediately answer questions and address issues that I could deal with straight away, but also offer to come back with answers to any problems that may take some time to solve. For those issues resolved, I would confirm with the customer that they are happy, then wish them a nice day before ending the call.”

2: Do you work well under pressure?

While it is true that offering call answering services can sometimes be a pressured job, it is important that customer calls are answered promptly, professionally and courteously. You will need to be able to stay calm under pressure of constant calls.

Your answer should be something like : “I am very prompt and punctual. I don’t like to be kept waiting, so I would never leave a customer hanging on the phone for longer than is absolutely necessary. I am very organised and methodical, so am very capable of coping with a busy phone line.”

3: Can you handle multiple phone lines?

When offering a call answering service, you very often have to handle more than one phone line. For anyone with good experience of working in a call centre, you would have had some training and experience under your belt, so your answer should be very positive : “Of course! I have been trained to handle multiple lines and it is what I am good at!”

4: Tell me about your strengths and weaknesses

This question is becoming more common at interview across all industries, so don’t be surprised to find it asked of you at interview. Make sure that you emphasise : “My greatest strength is being able to stay calm under pressure, and my weakness is my tenacity to solve customer problems.” Here you have turned a weakness into a strength!

5: What do you enjoy most about working in call answering services?

This is an easy one to answer. You can choose to say that you enjoy talking with people and helping them to solve their problems, helping people find the right information that they need, making sure that customers are happy with their purchases etc. The list is endless!

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