5 Key Tips to Prepare Yourself for the CPA Exam

Jul 9, 2019 by

The CPA exam is not just another ‘professional exam’; it is a real deal. It offers accreditation to anyone who has taken the exam as a valid, certified and trusted individual who can handle different professional account operations. The exam is valid across the States; hence, it is worth every investment of resources to prepare yourself. This can include getting to know what works for you, use the Blueprint, or even enroll for the Surgent CPA Review prep test. We have 5 key tips highlighted for you, to help you prepare for the CPA exam.

1. Create a realistic Study Routine: 

One favor you want to do yourself is to set feasible study times. You probably have a busy week and schedule, instead of trying to coerce yourself into reading at all cost, you can carve out time to study when you are less busy and can get enough time to concentrate on what you are reading. It is better to set out a time when you are better settled and can better assimilate, for your study. This can be very early in the morning, late at night or just long hours on weekends.

2. Study with a CPA Blueprint: 

Studying with CPA Blueprint is very helpful for your success. A blueprint contains the things that you will be tested on during exams as it relates to skills, tasks, topics, etc. In fact, you will see the weight scores of some topics or questions, and this will guide with places to concentrate on or give greater diligence during your study. The CPA Exam blueprint witnesses modifications once or twice in a year. So, you should make sure you are studying with the most recent Blueprint for your upcoming exam.

3. Get a Good Agency: 

Your performance largely depends on the agency you register with. Take surveys; ask for qualities and features, compare prices and possible performance among different agents, then choose the best one. A good agency provides you with technology, life case, and traceable successful candidates, good score guarantee, detailed course overview and features, and sound instructors.

4. Take a Prep Test: 

A number of mock tests are available to help you to prepare. The tests follow the exact CPA exam patterns. Often, these prep test organizers prepare their tests with the CPA Blueprint. In the mouth of many witnesses, Surgent CPA Review Prep Test is easily the best available around. In fact, don’t be surprised if you see similar or the same questions in your real exam after a prep test. Prep tests provide insights to what the exam will look like, help you assess your level of preparation, and lets you know what to improve on. 

5. Leverage free tutorial Resources: 

AICPA provides some study materials and tutorials on how to go about the exam. The National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) also have some tips. And in the case of any issue that you need validation from the true source, you can reach any of the two bodies.

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