5 Keys to Write with Depression

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Each person from time to time can feel upset or even depressed for a long period of time. However, it doesn’t mean you have to restrain yourself from writing activity. Here are some useful tips on how to complete papers being under the influence of depression.

Tips for Writing When You Are Depressed

All people who are involved in writing, both academic and creative, know that their minds are always full of some new ideas and thoughts which are meant to be presented on the pages later. However, sometimes a lot of people suffer from some mental health issues. Their own minds hide all thoughts and ideas under the cloud of depression.

If you live with depression, it may sound familiar to you. So, what are the ways to continue writing activity when you are depressed? Let`s get started!

  1. Know well your depression

    Different people suffer from different kinds of depression. It is presented in its diversity. So, it is very important to know how your depression flows and “looks like” in order to get some knowledge about it. You know that knowledge is power. And, you can manage and use that power in every possible direction needed. By getting familiar with the kind of your depression, you will get a clear understanding of which negative thoughts disturb your mind, which of your life areas are vulnerable, what causes your behavior. Get to know which thoughts make you feel depressed. Wrong beliefs and overthinking cause depression for the majority of people.

  2. Don’t believe everything your mind is trying to tell you

    Yes, it is not easy to ignore these signals. But, still, you have to try. The fact is that any depressed mind is strongly convinced that all thoughts produced are complete truth. Accepting all thoughts and ideas will focus your attention on nothing but that false thoughts, creating subsequently bad emotions and fragile mental health condition. We have to understand that our minds can sometimes be narrow sighted and false. In fact, they take only one perspective of the situation. So, it is very important to know how to remind yourself that there can be another perspective and angel of a situation, not only that kept in your mind.

  3. Look after yourself

    Depression is always difficult. You feel the lack of energy and motivation. You see no hope, only grief, sadness and overwhelming. In order to overcome depression, you have to take care of yourself. Make sure you are eating well and sleep enough. Of course, friends and family can help you to get out of this state. However, first of all, you need to practice self-compassion. It means you have to understand and support yourself, not just judge and criticize. You need to do your best to create a calm atmosphere and comfort yourself.

  4. Don’t do it alone

    It goes without saying that the majority of people who look around in disbelief and feel at their lows, prefer isolating from the world rather than sharing problems with close people. In this case, people are trying to protect themselves from judgment and negativity, as well as to protect other people from negative state of mind. The fact is that when we are alone, there is no chance to see another perspective on the situation that disturbs. There are also less chances to tap into the protective factors communication can bring. Engaging with people gives us the opportunity to feel some kind of empathy and understanding. However, it is also important to talk to only “right people”, whom you can trust and rely on. Sometimes you may find your shelter while talking to your sister who is living next to you. Sometimes your best supporter can appear to be a pen friend who is living thousands miles away.

  5. Join writers` groups – online or offline

    It is always a good idea to find people with the same interests like yours and share with them your experience. In this case, it would be great to join any writer s` group. No matter, whether it is online or offline. The Internet now is full of different communities, as well as support groups which can help you with writing when you are depressed. It can be either Facebook or Twitter group – whatever. Be sure to find there someone who will support you and give a useful piece of advice. Remember that you are not alone with your problems. There are a lot of people who are experiencing the same, or have experienced in the past.

All in all, the most important thing here is that you should never stop writing, even if you at your lowest point in life. Depression is a real hurdle, and it is not always easy to deal with it. However, continuing to write is the key to living. Keep on writing, succeed and see how much pride it will bring to you, instead of bad thoughts.

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