5 Lessons every SEO expert must learn

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SEO is an online marketing approach to boost brand visibility, engaging high traffic and rank on top of search engine.

Well, SEO is not that easy as you think. It’s a prolong tactic. Usually, most of us make a mistake, and you have enough time to correct it.


To improve your website SEO you have to learn some crucial SEO business lessons that assist take your website performance to the next level. There are some things you may already know, but some may not.

Don’t worry!

I’m going to talk about only genuine lessons that actually works and marked as best by Google Employee. Here are 5 lessons which Every SEO expert must learn.

1. Don’t smear the same Tactic for Everyone

It’s very crucial to Understand by Every SEO. You’re an expert, therefore, you’re expected to give your clients the best. So, is that fine for you to give your new clients the same plans that you’ve already worked for others?

Well, I know you’ve designed all things with high-quality content, high-ranked keywords, create great links to enjoy maximum growth.

But, think about one thing, both clients have different demands so, you can’t do the same, right?

Make sure you’ve understood your different client’s needs and make a strong strategy accordingly that work for both and you’ll enjoy huge success.

For preparing new tactics, you can learn from past plans and do improvement in them. Use new tools to better website SEO. And please avoid Replicate.

2. Google Prefers Fair Content

You’ve to keep in mind you can’t over smart Google. Google prefers genuine content which is fresh and based on high-quality keywords. SEO is a wide concept where you’ve to work on Google Algorithms and working techniques to give your audience high content that engages traffic to your website, hence you’ll get high rank on search engine.

If you’re new SEO then must ensure you’re working on new content. Do research on new active keywords, content and necessary things what your customer will look upon in future. In case, you try to spam links or spin content for your website, it never accepts by Google, resultant, you may find your website is on a ranking penalty, and that’s really difficult to recuperate it.

Make sure you’ve done your all efforts that don’t look like a copy paste. Otherwise, this might be risky for your website.

3. Always think about your customers

For SEO, you’ve to work on strong tactics that engage your audience to your website. That’s why keyword takes place an important role in content. For targeting the audience, you’ve to choose those words or phrases that might they entered to find you. For the best analysis, you may use Google AdWords for keyword research to find out many keywords that are highly active in a search engine.

This will assist you to find out both quantity and quality keywords that might work for your customer’s to reach on your website in the future.

4. Stay up-to-date

In this fast-moving industry if you’ve wished to stay active, then must engage yourself in helping communities and newsletters which will guide you about new tools and methods that you can apply to better website SEO. If you can’t find that desirable information, just get connected with their website for the correct approach.

Must be familiar with SEO principles, new plans, and tools. This not only boosts your website performance but as well yours as an expert.

5. Re-evaluate your past work

For dealing with new clients,’ you’ve to work on your past performance and make them much better than before. It doesn’t make sense if your past strategy worked then it can do best in the present too.

Always work on your customer’s preferences and the client’s expectations. Therefore, to better today performance must learn from your past mistakes and improve your tactics to boost SEO. Do weekly or monthly checks on tactics to spot out where you need improvement and what’s going well.

Re-evaluate work will help you to determine new tactics that will more perfect than the past.

Final Words

To become an SEO ninja you’ve to work on yourself first. Must accumulate quality information’s that assist you truly to accomplish your goals.

Instead of wasting your time you’ve to work on important SEO tools and plan tactics that better SEO. As you know, every time Google does maximum changes in their algorithms and roadmaps to improve website’s performances according to customer’s choices.

If you’re serious about SEO then do continues work on SEO tactics and new tools. Must start thinking about your customers’ preferences and their searching ways so, they can reach your place easily and you’ll enjoy high traffic along with #1 Rank on a Search engine. Best of Luck!

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