5 Life Lessons You Should Know in Your 20’s

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You probably are one of those people who wish they could go back in time, to a moment in their life, and do something over again.  But unfortunately for you and everybody else, time travel isn’t possible –not yet anyway- and so we’re stuck having to learn from our mistakes. And while that doesn’t exactly pass as off as motivational, it should. Because learning from mistakes is what makes people grow. Motivational quotes aside, there is a lot one can learn by simply listening to other people’s experiences. It’s not exactly time travel, but it’s the next best thing besides going through it yourself and learning from your own mistakes. The life lessons you should learn in your 20’s are many. In fact, if you think about it, your 20’s are the most important years of your life. They will set out the path for the rest of your life. So if be beneficial for you to know how to maneuver through those delicate years. Of course, you aren’t expected to know, how could you? That’s where we come in. Here are the 5 life lessons that you should know in your 20’s.

#5- Your Education Shouldn’t Stop

Most people assume that their education ends in their early 20’s, but that couldn’t further than the truth. Just because people tend to graduate university around the age of 22, doesn’t mean they should just stop learning and taking in knowledge. It’s actually the opposite -you never stop learning. It’s especially true in your 20’s. That’s when you should look to learn the most. Even after graduation, you should look to find a job where you can learn from a mentor, and where you can soak up all the knowledge you can about a particular industry or practice. That is what your 20’s are all about. Being a sponge for knowledge and information. The more you take in, the better off you will be.

#4- Never Turn Down an Opportunity

This one is a bit exaggerated, but all the while true. The point is to not let an opportunity pass you by where you don’t at least try to have a go at it. The reason for this is because you want to build up as much experience and -again- knowledge as you can. So if you get offered a project, side job, part-time job, or any sort of job or opportunity, try to have a go at it. Even if it’s unpaid or low paid, that shouldn’t be your main focus anyway. Your main focus should be putting yourself out there, honing your skills, building your craft, learning the ropes, and continuing to grow.

#3- Networking is Everything

Remember that salesperson you came across that time you were summer interning? Well, he is the manager of a major fashion retailer now. Almost too perfect to be true right? Not really. That’s the power and magic, of networking –you build relationships!  And the beauty of a relationship is that they last, for a very long time! Relationships could start from something as simple as a casual hello. And years down the line you might come across that person again and something in their mind triggers their memory of you. Don’t be too shy to put yourself out there and introduce yourself. People love a young and confident person who is outgoing and friendly. Plus, having a wide established network is considered very valuable for a lot of companies and job recruiters. The bigger your network, the more leverage you have when searching and competing for a job.

#3- Travel The World

A large portion of your 20’s should be dedicated to seeing the world and taking in all its glory. Spend money on going on trips, backpacking with your friends, traveling across the sea to new continents and new countries. When you get to your destination, don’t hold back on your experiences. Take in the culture, the people, the food, the attractions. Really experience everything the country has to offer. Learn from your surroundings. Do something the locals would do. And most importantly have fun.

#2- Enjoy Yourself

Don’t take yourself too seriously in your 20’s. Yeah, it’s the period where you outgrow your teen years, but that doesn’t mean you turn into a full-blown robot. You can still have fun, let loose, and yourself. These are the years you won’t get back. Have fun with them while you can, and start scratching things off your bucket list.

#1- Save Some Money

Your 20’s are the time where you start to become conscious about your spending, and your money. Mostly because it’s the time where you’re making your own money, and so you learn how difficult it is to earn them. Every time you get hold of a little extra cash, put some of it on the side and keep coming back to that stash to add more. Your savings should increase, not decrease. So don’t go near them unless it’s an absolute emergency. The goal is to hopefully have enough where you can end up making your first big purchase like buying a house or starting your own business. Whatever you decide to spend the money on is on your, but to make that decision you first have to start by saving that money.

So there you have it, 5 life lessons that you should learn in your 20’s. These are the lessons that you will carry with you later on in life, so it’s best you learn them and master them early on. Of course, your 20’s aren’t limited to these five, and in all likelihood, you will learn more as you go through life’s many experiences.

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