5 Most expensive universities in the world

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It is no secret that the world’s most expensive universities are located in the United States, UK, and Europe. Today, education has indeed become an expensive investment. And if one is pursuing a quality education at the topmost universities, they should be ready to shell out substantial tuition fees. The costly universities not only provide quality higher education but also provide a valuable network to the students that can help them kick start their career. If short of funds, you can get some quick loans from Cashlady.com. After all, even a small amount of cash can help you get over those major financial hiccups.

Here are some of the universities which are considered to be the most expensive universities in the world.

  1. Institut auf dem Rosenberg in Switzerland -$150,000 annually
    Located in St Gallen, the Institut auf dem Rosenberg is undoubtedly one of the most expensive universities in the world. As the oldest institution in Switzerland, the school limits the number of students it admits, and most of the students here are from wealthy business families. Apart from accomplished academic environment, the students can enjoy extracurricular activities like skiing, chess, horseback riding, golf, mountain skiing, and fencing.

  2. Collège Alpin International Beau Soleil, Switzerland – $140,000 annually
    You can study at Collège Alpin International in Ollon if you can pay those hefty fees for tuition and boarding fees. The fee may be high, but the college excels in giving the students a perfect atmosphere for learning and all-round development. Students can participate in co-curricular activities such as skydiving, sea diving, and skiing at the prestigious school. Only 250 students are selected for admission to the college. The educational philosophy at Beau Soleil is to encourage its students to do the best they can. They are supported both inside and outside of the classroom with educational challenges and trips across the world.

  3. Institut Le Rosey, Switzerland – $130,000 annually
    Explore a college that is not just steeped in rich in history, but is proud of its thousands of alumni across the globe. Institut Le Rose is located in Rolle, and its vast campus is stretched across a magnificent manorial estate and the chalets in the ski resort of Gstaad. The students bring with them their culture and distinguishing characteristics and further develop their academics and persona with carefully guided lessons under accomplished staff. Special events and activities like arts, clubs, and societies are part of their daily lives.

  4. Leman Manhattan Preparatory School in the United States- $79,000 annually
    Leman Manhattan Preparatory School is an independent learning community that is located in the center of the most historic district of NYC. The college is committed to educating and empowering students right from their early childhood to become independent critical thinkers. The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program is highly respected by top universities and helps to build confident leaders from Léman graduates. Despite the higher tuition fees, Léman Manhattan is one of the most
    sought-after private institutions in Manhattan.

  5. Columbia University in the US -$59,416 annually
    Columbia University, located in New York City, is indeed expensive, but it is also well known for its numerous scientific contributions in the field of nuclear fission and the laser. Columbia’s alumni list boasts of Nobel Laureates, US Presidents, Supreme Court Justices, and foreign heads of state. The Core Curriculum of Columbia College is the action of conscious human forces with human value in mind. The distinguished college is an excellent research university that provides a comprehensive learning system to its students under the able guidance of path-breaking faculty. The graduate and professional schools of Columbia University include business, medicine, law, journalism, arts, and public affairs.
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