5 Nutrients That Can Prevent Hair Loss

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If you are experiencing hair loss or thinning hair, it can be devastating for your self-esteem and even cause anxiety or depression. While there are many possible causes, such as thyroid malfunction, cancer, genetics, medications, or other health conditions, there are some steps you can take to prevent hair loss.

One of the best ways to encourage hair growth is to adopt a healthier diet. Most people tend to overlook this and turn to trichologists for help. However, before making an appointment for hair loss treatment, you should first look at what you’re eating/or not eating. The chances are that a change to your diet will work wonders in promoting hair growth. So, no matter what state your lifestyle or health is in, you should turn to the right nutrients and foods that will aid hair growth. Here are the five most essential vitamins that your hair needs for better growth.

1. Zinc

While intestinal cells are the fastest-growing cells in the body, the 2nd fastest cells are your hair. This non-essential tissue needs a combination of minerals, vitamins, and trace elements to grow healthily. Studies have found that if your body lacks zinc, your hair will suffer as a result. With a balanced diet, you should be able to get all the necessary nutrients, but it’s not always easy for people to eat correctly all the time. Foods that are high in zinc include lean beef, liver, lamb, oysters, peanuts, cheese, lentils, and pumpkin seeds.

2. Vitamin A

Vitamin A is another vital nutrient that’s proven to promote healthy hair growth. This vitamin is an antioxidant that helps strengthen your immune system, fights infections, protects your eyes, and encourages tissue growth. If you are deficient in Vitamin A, your eyesight will not be the only part of your body that will suffer. Make sure you include foods such as carrots, mangos, eggs, blueberries, cheese, spinach, and cod liver oil in your diet for healthier and better hair growth.

3. Vitamin B

Our body needs Vitamin B complex to prevent hair loss. Vitamin B6, for example, is responsible for promoting blood circulation, which is essential for hair growth and healthy hair follicles. The best sources of vitamin B are green vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and eggs.

Another essential vitamin that prevents hair loss is B5. Pork, chicken, turkey, lean beef, duck, and liver are especially high in vitamin B5.

Similarly, vitamin B12 is needed to keep the hair strong from the roots. This vitamin can be obtained from oily fish, milk, and white meat.

4. Vitamin D

Calcium, together with vitamin D, helps prevent hair loss – studies have shown that men experiencing hair loss typically have lower levels of vitamin D, compared to control groups. By combining these two nutrients, your hair follicles will be stronger and you will have thicker hair. One of the best sources of Vitamin D is sunlight, but you can also supplement with eggs, milk, and green vegetables.

5. Vitamin C

This vital nutrient not only protects the skin from free radicals, but it also promotes red blood cell production as well as collagen. If your body lacks vitamin C, your hair will start graying or falling out. Vitamin C is vital for enhancing healthy hair growth thanks to its role in the production of red blood cells. Foods that are high in vitamin C are oranges, lemons, kiwis, tomatoes, broccoli, and red peppers. Did you know your body needs vitamin C to absorb iron? Iron is necessary for hair growth, and together with vitamin C, you will stop your hair from aging.

There is no denying that a healthy diet is the best solution for getting the vitamins your hair needs. However, if you cannot satisfy your nutrient deficiencies through your diet, consider taking supplements as your alternative hair loss treatment option. However, don’t hesitate to seek advice from a doctor if you have any concerns over your hair loss, or the supplements you’re using to combat it.

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