5 Places Every Student Must See

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We want to tell you about incredible places visiting which you will not only spend time fascinatingly but also get aesthetic satisfaction and get a lot of new knowledge. If you are lucky enough to visit these countries, be sure to check out the places from our lists. First of all, I’d want to offer you to check my article on plagiarism. I am sure it is 100% plagiarism fee. Why? Because as writer, I use only best tools. To make this article unique, I used free plagiarism checker and got perfect result! Well, are you ready to hear about the incredible? Let’s start!

Dali Theatre–Museum

Figueres, a small resort town in northern Spain, gained worldwide fame thanks to Salvador Dali and became a gathering place for his fans. The Dali Theatre–Museum is quite a peculiar building. It was opened in 1974. When you go inside, you’ll find yourself in a multi-level space, which is divided into 5 separate sites. This is a complex of three large expositions which are connected with each other.

It’s an endless labyrinth of corridors, staircases, halls, and rooms where shocking surprises and secrets await visitors at every corner. Even if you are not interested in the work of this great man, however, spending time in this place will turn your spiritual world upside down.

Corpus: Museum of the Human Body

Surely many people know how unusual and fascinating are the sights, architecture, and museums in the Netherlands.

Are you a medical student? Then this museum will impress you. It was opened in 2008 by Queen Beatrix and is the first and only museum of this type in the world. It’s located in a 35-meter building built in the shape of a seated person, and only the architecture is a spectacular sight and will impress everyone. By going through the knee, visitors move through various organs higher and higher to the final point: the brain.

It should be noted that the creation of Corpus carried a deeper meaning than just an unusual architecture and an interesting exhibition. The museum aims to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Miraikan National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation

Do you want not only to see the future, but also touch it with your hand? Everything is possible here. If technology and innovation delight you, then this place will tell you what will happen to science tomorrow and the day after. This cultural institution is located in the Tokyo Odaiba area.

Visitors can see the most advanced achievements of Japanese scientists, engineers in the field of space exploration, robotics, chemistry, medicine and other branches of science. Also, the museum often hosts seminars and lectures conducted by world-famous scientists and inventors, including Nobel laureates. So visiting this place for students is a valuable treasure for their development. The most interesting thing is that all the exhibits are interactive, they can be touched and tried in action.

Museo Soumaya

This futuristic building has a height of 46 m, and this already foreshadows something unusual. The founder of this museum is the richest man in Mexico and the gambling collector Carlos Slim. By the way, he named it in honor of his dead wife. The exposition was based on a private collection of the billionaire, which included works by famous artists and sculptors, objects of applied art and artifacts of the pre-Columbian era.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that the building has no windows and the light enters through the transparent roof. The inner space is divided into 6 levels that do not have partitions and stairs. You can go upstairs by elevator or a giant spiral ramp that connected all the halls.

The art collection has over 66,000 exhibits. So without a doubt, there is something to see.

Milwaukee Art Museum

This museum is also an achievement of modern architectural art of the USA. The building in modern style resembles a huge white bird that sank to rest on the ground. That sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

The museum collection is located on four floors and includes works of art from antiquity to the present day. One of the pavilions of this museum even received the Outstanding Structure Award from the International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering for its unique architecture. Every day, thousands of tourists come to visit this place, so it is worthy of your attention.

So, how about traveling while studying? I think it is more interesting than writing papers or reading very long paragraphs. Of course, you always can choose using some trustworthy online dissertation service like PhDify and ask PhD writers for writing help. When you see some historical and cultural sightseeings you spend your time more productively and get even more inspiration

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