5 Popular Couples Who Play Poker

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Contrary to belief, women enjoy playing poker as well as men. In fact, some women even enjoy it more. There are also couples who play together. There is so much to love about poker, which is why it is so popular among all sexes. If you have never played poker before, you should consider doing so because it is entertaining and offers plenty of opportunities to win big. Below, you will discover 5 popular couples who play poker for a living or fun.

Traniello And Harman

Jennifer Harman and her beau Marco Traniello enjoy playing poker. While Harman is more notable for her role in poker, Traniello likes to kick back with a deck of cards from time to time. Harman is accustomed to playing with males. And, it is not unusual to see her sitting around a poker table with some of the best male players in the world. Throughout her poker career, Harman has taken home more than $2.6 million, as well as two WSOP bracelets. Traniello has also had some luck with the game, earning more than $700,000 over his career.

Tilly And Laak

Poker isn’t just for men. And, Jennifer Tilly is proof of that. Tilly “Unabomshell” is an American actress who enjoys playing poker. Tilly has appeared in several high-ranking movies, including Bullets over Broadway and Bride of Chucky. In 2004, Tilly won the Ladies Poker event, taking home the WSOP bracelet.

Tilly’s beau, Phil Laak, has won steady stream of poker events. It wasn’t until 2010 that Laak won his first WSOP in London. Tilly and Laak met in 2004 in Los Angeles at a WPT Invitational tournament. Tilly has earned more than $700,000 as a career poker player.

Schoenberg And Lindgren

Another couple that enjoys playing poker is Erica Schoenberg and Erick Lindgren. The couple is known for their sex appeal off of the carpet and famous poker players in the casino. In 2008, Lindgren earned his first WSOP bracelet. While Schoenberg is yet to win a WSOP bracelet, she has earned more than $750,000 as a career poker player. The couple also enjoys playing online at websites, such as Agen Sbobet.

Hong And Grospellier

Cathy Hong and her beau Bertrand Grospellier also enjoy playing poker. While Grospellier has been more successful in poker than Hong, the couple still share a common bond when it comes to the game. Grospellier is a Triple Crown Winer and owner of a WSOP bracelet, with earnings totaling more than $10 million.

Charlie Sheen And Denise Richards

Old Charlie boy is an avid gambler with an extensive background in the activity. In fact, it is not uncommon for him to drop anywhere from one to two-million on a single bet. While he might have the money to blow like this, not everyone does. All that aside, it seems that the practice rubbed off on his old wife, Denise. Even though the couples aren’t together anyone, it is well known that both of them keep up their gambling practices. Sports betting is a particular favorite of the two and it is more than easy to understand why this is the case.

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