5 Private School Visit Mistakes

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You need to visit several private schools before making the right choice for your child. Also, you need to weigh the pros and cons of the school you would like to take your child before scheduling a visit. After you have finally made up your mind, you need to visit the school in person.

Visiting the school personally will help you gather more information and help you to make the best decision in choosing the best private school for your child. It is, therefore, important to plan your visit and schedule your private school visit in advance to meet any application deadlines. You need to have ample time to prepare yourself.

You can never trust private school websites, Youtube video or their glossy catalogs. Unfortunately, most private schools create the best photos and videos to show the best features of their schools. I am sure you have come across an advertisement for a private school. Everything seems perfect and with no doubt left with no choice but choosing them. So, what mistakes do people make when visiting private schools?

Before you decide on visiting any private school, here are five common mistakes that parents make and how to avoid them.


Being Late

It will never cost anything being ten minutes early. This will give you time to park and get composed before entering the admission office. You need to understand that admission staffs are busy professionals and have and stick to a schedule just as other professions do. Arriving late will always leave a negative impression. If you had an appointment at Music School Brooklyn, make sure to be there on time to show commitment.

If you discover you will be late for a good reason, make sure to call the private school administration to let them know. The administration will appreciate you for your courtesy. When you finally arrive, make sure to apologize to the admission staff for being late. A brief explanation is all that matters. “I am sorry for being late; I had a flat tire and AAA took so much time to come.”

Being Unprepared

Your private school visit most likely will take an hour or so. Most parents do not take school visits serious and most of the times show up unprepared. Make sure you do not have other commitments on the day of the school visit, so you don’t have to rush.

Prepare yourself for multiple questions from the admission staff and don’t feel offended when answering them. The staff can ask you questions like why your child skipped a grade or why their grades have dropped during the last semester. Remember, the admission staff will have other parents to attend, so you need to be prepared to create the best first impression to increase chances of your child acceptance.

When answering questions, be honest and open to the admission staff. Preparing yourself prior the visit is the only way you will be sure of a successful visit.

Source: Pixabay.com

Being Over-Prepared

Never sit in the admission office with a prepared speech about your child’s accomplishments and opinion about the school. It is not bad to ask questions, but make sure not to overdo it. It is smart to have some questions for the admission staff, but they must have a natural flow. Make it sound less like inquisition but more to thoughtful questioning.

Listen carefully to everything the admission staff tells you. Private schools love and value parent who is cooperative and willing to improve the school’s well-being with what they can. Therefore, it would be best if you demonstrate the willingness to be part of the school community.

Being Rude and Disinterested

Don’t inform the admission staffer that their school is your third or second choice. That is rude! You may have other private schools that are on your visit list, but you need to play cards smartly. The school admission team has been in this admission game longer than you, so they know you will have a second or a third option.

The admission staff after reviewing your child’s performance, they may make suggestions of which category your child will fit. Don’t by any chance try to be objective. Furthermore, the private school admission staffs have gone through your child’s achievements, and they know what is best for them.

Never receive or send messages during your child’s school visit. It only shows how unprofessional you are. If you must receive a call or send a text message, excuse yourself politely with a valid reason. If a genuine call comes in, excuse yourself politely like. “I am sorry, this is my nanny calling.” You only need to give an honest explanation.

Being Dressed Inappropriately

The way you dress will create the first impression in your private school visit. This may seem like a no-brainer, but you will be amazed by the number of parents and kids show up in a private school visit dressed inappropriately! It is the number one mistake that parents make and it can be avoided.

Dressing too casually in t-shirts and jeans shows the admission staff that you care less about the visit. When you are in doubt about the dress code, go for a business casual look. Make sure you study each private school dress code and also make sure your child has dressed appropriately. When you do this, it will go along with making the best first impression.

How you handle your school visit puts you in a position whether your child will be admitted to the school or not. A private school like Muse Academy will want nothing but the best for your child. Your child’s education success in their new school involves the partnership of the school, you and your child. The best time to show how much you need to be in the new school is during the interview and the school visit

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