5 Reasons to Try Vaping

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Vaping is a hot new trend among millennials. You may be pretty familiar with it, or you may hardly know what it’s all about, but vaping can be a fun experience for just about anyone. You might try it and decide it’s not for you, or you might find that you love it. Either way, it never hurts to explore. Without further ado, here are 5 reasons to try vaping.

It’s Safer than Smoking
If you already smoke, you should consider trying vaping for the sole reason that it’s safer. Vaping is not necessarily healthy, but it’s still healthier than smoking, and the risk of lung cancer, bedroom fires, second-hand smoke and other smoke-related concerns go down significantly when you vape instead. Originally created as a way for smoker to quit or enjoy tobacco in a safer way, vapes still possess that protective quality, and if you’re going to choose between vapes and cigarettes, vapes are by far the better choice.

It’s Less Expensive
Smoking can really add up in cost. When you do the math and add up all the packs you buy and smoke per year, you could be saving over a thousand dollars by switching to vapes. Vapes are battery operated, and the only thing that needs to be regularly switched out is the e-juice. A much cheaper alternative, vaping could save you quite a bit of cash.

It’s Personalized
For the most part, every cigarette looks the same. White with a tan tip, there’s no reason for cigarette companies to do anything cool with a cigarette design–after all, you throw it out as soon as you’re done. Since vape mods stick around, you can get different colors and patterns, so your vape mod is more of a personalized hip flask. That added dose of personality appeals to quite a few people.

It’s a Social Activity
Vaping is fun alone, but it’s way more fun as a group. If you haven’t seen videos of cloud chasing yet, check it out. Heavier e-juices produce a thick, visible smoke, so–like blowing smoke rings from a pipe–smoke competitions among vaping enthusiasts can be quite a show.

It’s Getting Better
As vaping becomes more popular, the models and options are improving. Instead of a bland mall kiosk selling e-cigs for the sole purpose of helping you quit smoking, vapes are now their own cultural phenomenon, and the products are getting better. Mods now come with longer-lasting batteries. E-juices can be used across brands, and e-juice flavors are getting more and more fun–like peach green tea and chocolate chip cookie.

Vaping can be a safer, fun way to relax. If you’re interested in trying out vaping, get Cheap Vape Kits online and see if you enjoy it. Whether you get into cloud-chasing, use it to replace a smoking habit, or vape a tobacco-free honey flavored e-juice, your vaping experience can be as unique as you are.

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