5 Reasons Why Teaching in VEDAMO’s Virtual Classroom is Awesome

Mar 26, 2019 by

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Education today is more effective and interesting than ever before. Online learning and teaching in a virtual classroom has helped give education a new look. What are the main benefits of this type of studying? How does this modern form of distance learning actually bring students and tutors closer? Modern tools for online tutoring, like VEDAMO’s virtual classroom, give new opportunities for tutors and students to enjoy a more effective, interesting, and extraordinary learning experience.

Let’s explore 5 main advantages of VEDAMO’s virtual classroom for online tutoring.

  1. Teaching in an international environment

When teaching in VEDAMO’s virtual classroom it is easy to tutor students from all around the globe simultaneously. Learners can join the classes from different places in the world. Teaching in the virtual classroom becomes a unique immersive experience and an exchange of knowledge from different cultures and walks of life. If you are looking for opportunities to tutor in an international environment, online teaching is a great starting point.

2. Accessibility of the virtual classroom

One of the main factors that makes VEDAMO’s virtual classroom so successful is the accessibility of the platform. It is web based, which means that you can use the classroom without having to download files. The intuitive interface is easy to use even for those students and tutors who have basic tech skills. The ability to take part in the lessons in the virtual classroom from all around the world opens up many opportunities for the teachers to tutor while traveling, working from home, etc.

3. Teaching with the perfect balance of freedom and structure

The diversity of tools in VEDAMO’s virtual classroom enables tutors to create the most interesting and rewarding lessons that perfectly suit their students’ needs. The ability to record the sessions makes it easy to provide an abundance of learning materials for students that are available for use at any time. The virtual classroom is a great learning space for live tutoring sessions as well as for self-paced lessons that students can take at a time that is convenient for them.

4. Flexibility

One of the most significant advantages of online teaching using VEDAMO’s virtual classroom is the ability to easily adapt the lessons to the learning styles and needs of the students. Some of the available features include using multimedia files and materials, sharing files, access to an interactive white board, live chat, videoconferencing, and much more. The virtual classroom makes it easier to get and give instant feedback. It helps to boost student motivation and track the progress of the class. In addition, the wide range of tools and features makes it possible to teach subjects on different topics like Math, Science, Literature, and much more.

5. Time management

The ability to teach from the comfort of your home or other places that you prefer helps you organize your time and schedule more efficiently. When working with VEDAMO’s virtual classroom there is no need to travel to the school to teach the lessons. The time saved from traveling enables many tutors to teach more online classes during a work day compared to traditional teaching in a physical classroom.

The advantages of the virtual classroom have increased the role of online tutoring in education today. More and more schools and universities have successfully incorporated this type of education into their curriculum to help students unleash their potential and achieve their learning goals.

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