5 Signs a Student May Benefit From Having a Tutor

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There are four primary types of learners – visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic. It’s a teachers job to try and identify a student’s learning style and then design lessons that cater to it. This can be extremely difficult in a classroom of 20 students or more. Not to mention, it’s not always apparent what learning style a specific student has and some learn different subjects using different means. But even through all this, teachers are trained in identifying if students are falling behind. Intervention and school resources are often provided to students who may need additional help. On the parental side of things, many parents choose to hire a tutor to give their child more focused instruction. But how do you know if the student is a good candidate for a tutor? Here are 5 signs that a tutor might be exactly what the student needs.

1. Low Grades

Depending on the student’s grade level, a significant drop in grades or academic performance is the first sign that something is amiss. If the student was once excelling and is now struggling, chances are they missed something along the way. Did you recently introduce a new concept or lesson to the class? Was the new concept connected to a previous lesson? Often times curriculum is cumulative. Each lesson builds on the one before it. If a student can’t grasp the basic foundation of the lesson, they’ll struggle to keep up as things can increasingly more complicated. A tutor can help the student fully understand the basic concepts, making the rest of the lessons more managable.

2. Inability to Focus

Classrooms, by nature, are a busy, loud, and chaotic atmosphere. Even during quiet seatwork, there will be chatter among students, pencil tapping, chair suffeling, and other distractions. If a student is struggling to focus in this setting, they may benefit from one-on-one instruction in a controlled environment. While some people work best with distractions, other learners need complete quite to concentrate. Some students simply have wandering minds and eyes. They can’t help but start a conversation with their classmates, procrastinate, or daydream. One teacher can’t keep all 20 plus students on task simultaneously. With a tutor, the student is much more likely to focus on the task at hand.

3. Other Methods Aren’t Helping

If you’ve tried everything and the student is still struggling, it might be time for a tutor. This is especially apparant if the student is trying hard but to no avail. One common misconception both teachers and parents make is that the student is being lazy or not trying hard. Just because the student isn’t grasping a particular concept doesn’t mean they aren’t trying. In fact, if they’re trying exceptionally hard and getting frustrated, it’s probably time for a tutor. Tutors are skilled in quickly identifying the area where the student is getting tripped up and offering an easy approach to understanding it. This idea can be applied to all subjects from writing and reading comprehension to science and math.

4. The Parent is Unable to Help

For many parents, it’s been quite a while since they’ve had to write a book report or solve fractions. Not to mention, with the ever-changing curriculum, things aren’t taught in the same way that parents once learned them. This makes it especially difficultf for parents to offer help and support for students at home. If the lessons and concepts being taught are far outside of a parent’s expertise or knowledge, a tutor can help. They’re trained and up to date in the newest approaches to math, science, and reading comprehension. Don’t panic and simply find math tutors near me.

5. The Student Lacks Confidence

Things get espsecially difficult when the student loses confidence and faith in themselves. The inability to graps a concept, especially when the rest of the class can, is extremely frustrating and defeating for most students. Especially in grade school and into the upper grade levels where most student’s confidence is already lacking. They’re navigating being an adolescent and finding their place. Throwing academic struggles into the mix is a recipe for low self-esteem. Don’t let this happen. Hire a tutor to help the student calmly approach the subject and learn it in their own time. Both their grades and confidence will sore.

Hiring a tutor for a student isn’t a sign of weakness or defeat. It’s recognizing the issue and giving the child the tools they need to succeed. Once their confidence is built and they understand themselves better as a learner, the sky is the limit!

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