5 simple home cleaning tricks you must know

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Heaven is where Home is. Wherever we are throughout the day the only place we want to go for peace of mind or relaxation is our Home. It is actually a stress buster. Irrespective the house is big or small what is important is to maintain it well. And it could be a task for many of us to keep our house spike and span. There are many chemical loaded products available in the market today for every single purpose of cleaning but of course, it has its own price. But there are few home products easily available at our houses at any point in time which could serve the best for cleaning and making things shine. Let us have a look at these 5 tricks which can make our life easy when it comes to having a clean house:

1) Vinegar: If you wish to have towels and bed sheets as clean as provided in the 5-star hotels then use white vinegar along with detergent while washing clothes and see the difference. This can help remove water stains from mirrors. Mix it with water and leave it on the stained glass for an hour and wipe it off with a cloth or a newspaper, you will get a stain-free glass. To clean the shower heads put vinegar in a bag and cover it on the shower ensuring the shower head is immersed in the solution and leave it overnight to have a clean shower.

2) Lemons: It can work wonders as it is a natural cleanser. One can use it to remove the food stains clean the oily surface of oven/ microwave. In a bowl put lemon peels with water and on it for 4-5 minutes. But leave it inside for next 5 to 10 minutes without opening the door. Then clean it with a cloth. Keep few dried lemon peels in your refrigerator to stay away from the food smell that comes from the fridge every time you open. Also, soak your white clothes in warm water with few lemons in it before washing. This will help your white clothes look white and new. Lemon drops can also be used to get rid of the moist smell from wooden spoons and the chopping board. Half cut lime with salt sprinkled over it when rubbed in the kitchen sink can make it shine like never used before.

3) Baking Soda / Soda bicarb: Having a clean fridge is very necessary and soda bicarb helps to do that. Make a water and soda solution and clean the fridge to get a clean and an odor-free fridge. Use the same solution mixed with baking soda to clean the stainless steel sinks by leaving it in the sink for 15-20 minutes and then scrub it off. Soda also helps to clear the clogged drainages. Put a bowl of soda in the drainage for 10mins followed with hot water to have debris free drain. Make a solution mixing baking soda and vinegar to clean window tracks, pour the solution in the track and wipe it with the cloth. Baking soda when sprayed over the carpet before vacuuming helps in deodorizing the room.

4) Microfiber cloth: This is a very absorbent cloth used for day to day cleaning. But when it comes to clean the dust from blinds or bathroom windows where our fingers find it difficult to reach this cloth acts a savior for our hands. Wrap the kitchen tongs with this cloth and easily clean both the sides of the blinds or glass together. Also cleaning the AC vents with the microfiber cloth is a cakewalk, take a butter knife wrapped with the cloth and easily get in between the tiny spaces to clear the accumulated dirt and dust which otherwise is difficult to reach out.

5) Toothpaste: Who doesn’t like to have kitchen and bathroom steel fittings to shine and look new? So here’s the trick apply toothpaste on the steel fittings generously and leave it for half n hour before you wash it off and see them shine like new again. Also to remove stains from white shoes rub the toothpaste over the stained area and leave it for an hour and wipe it off with a moist cloth to have a stain free shoe. It can help to clean the car headlight and make it clear especially while driving in the dark or rainy season scrub the toothpaste over the headlight and wipe it off with a damp cloth making your visibility more clear.

These are few of the simple tricks using our home products to have a clean and tidy home without much effort required. Use these tricks to have a better home a better living. At the end it’s rightly said stay clean and thinks clean. Happy Cleaning!

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