5 Simple Job Search Tips Every Graduate Should Know

Jun 4, 2020 by

Congratulations! Earning a degree is no simple task; you should feel proud of your huge accomplishment. Your personal graduation season can be the best of times.

Unfortunately, it can also feel like the worst of times. The ending of an exciting experience in college leads to a new beginning: employment in the “real” world. According to Forbes, recent graduates (aged 22 to 27 years old) will most likely be unemployed and underemployed. The job search isn’t an easy-going stroll in the park; it’s often an exhausting journey that will leave many graduates feeling drained.

However, if you take the time to collect essential resources, you’ll find yourself prepared to take on the job hunt. Here are five simple tips that every graduate should know:

Clean Up Your Resume

Big moves require some pretty big changes; mainly, changes to your resume. You need to give your resume a major upgrade before sending it out to companies and employers. Here a few quick tips on updating your resume:

  • Make sure your content is all up-to-date; include positions that you’ve held in the last few years, beginning with the most recent.
  • Be mindful of keywords. Applicant tracking software and recruiters will be scanning for specific words, so you should frequently check through job descriptions to find keywords to include on your resume.
  • Include accomplishments, skills, and certificates. Resumes are a great way to humbly brag about yourself; they should reflect the success you’ve had in your career.

Start Your Engine(s)

There are several ways you may initially hear about a job posting: word of mouth, company website, career fair, etc. Out of all those outlets, there is one that efficiently saves you time and effort: job search engines. After entering a few keywords, a job search engine will provide you with an ultimate list of positions that cater to your specific career needs.

A great search engine to use frequently on your job hunt is EmploymentHub. EmploymentHub is a job search engine that provides free job postings and recruiting services for several corporations, such as Coca-Cola, AT&T, and Amazon. The postings cover an impressive range of industries: whether it’s customer service, government, or education industry, you’ll have plenty of choices for applications. Visit employmenthub.co to start your search for employment.

Ready, Set, Go: Networking

It’s likely that you’ve heard this phrase before: “It’s not about what you know; it’s about who you know.” Connections are essential for securing employment. Whether you’re reaching out to alumni or making new friends in a coffee shop, networking plays a huge role in your job search. When it comes to networking, remember these few tips:

  • Take advantage of your social media. Through these platforms, you can find communities, blogs, and portfolios that can lead you to make new connections.
  • Before you attend networking events, do your research. Look up any speakers or the organization(s) throwing the event. You can have more to comment on if you’re well-informed.
  • Don’t be shy to follow up! Send an email to new connections, reintroducing yourself, and thanking them for their time.

Be Open-Minded

If you know exactly what type of role you’re looking to fill, that’s incredible. If not, that’s okay! Often, you’ll find yourself up for positions that may not be what you initially planned. In that circumstance, it’s important to keep an open mind and look at all of your skills across the board. How can you take your diverse work experience and apply it differently? This will bring you a new perspective in the market, and you’ll have more job postings that will catch your interest.

Have Patience

In a perfect world, you would get your dream job immediately after a short application and interviewing process. The reality is that finding employment in your specific field may take some time. Even if you find yourself growing tired of the process, stay patient. Give yourself grace while you’re on this journey.

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