5 Simple Tips That Can Help You Ace Your Pre-Employment Cognitive Ability Tests!

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Pre-Employment Cognitive Ability Tests are becoming standard practice for most employers and can help them to know their interviewee in a way that a resume just cannot. The recruiters are more likely to make better-informed decisions when they have all the skills, strengths and negatives of a person in front of them. Employers often make the mistake of hiring wrong people who might have made great first impressions but were not able to prove themselves valuable to the organization for the long haul. This causes them significant monetary losses which also reflect in their overall revenues.

These tests primarily consist of three major parts – aptitude, skill and personality along with a few job specific questions sometimes. Everyone has ‘problem solver’ on their resume, but only the aptitude test can be an accurate judge of that and throw light on your abilities to learn new things and adapt to situations. The personality section will have no right or wrong answers but amounts for a great deal in the total results of the test. Finally, the skills section focuses on the skills that you might have acquired from your education or previous place of employment.

We take a look at a few tips that can help you prepare for your Pre-Employment Cognitive Ability Test:

1. Practice Mock Tests Online

One of the most popular techniques that have been known to work effectively is practicing the tests on various websites online. Mock tests can enlighten you about the kind of questions that are frequently asked on these kinds of tests and enough practice can help you gain confidence that is required for them. It is certainly better to be familiar with different kinds of questions which can help you learn to approach them with the right techniques.

2. Move On

You are never going to be completely ready for a test when you never know what kind of questions might be asked in the exam. You are likely to get bogged down by some questions that will require more time than the others. However, you will be given a specific time to complete the task and it is always a better choice to leave those questions and move on to the next one. It makes up for a great habit to flag these questions and get back to them if you finish the rest of the exam ahead of time.

3. Seek Help To Prepare

If you happen to be someone who has been missing out on great job opportunities because of a simple test then you can seek help from professionals. There is a plethora of means to seek help online for your Pre-Employment Cognitive Ability Test that can significantly increase your chances of employment.

4. Do Not Guess

One of the primary reasons why most people fail to clear these simple aptitude tests is because they start wildly guessing their way towards the end of the paper. The ethical way of approaching the questions is to spend time truly understanding the question and then look for the best technique for solving the problems. However, a majority of people start marking answers based on their wild guesses either due to stress or because of the lack of time.

5. Use The Right Tools

There might be questions in the test that require you to do some calculations either on the side of the sheet or a professional calculator. It is imperative for you to practice using the same tools that you will be using at the actual test. This way you will be used to the tools which will leave an element of surprise out of the final exam. This small technique can actually increase your efficiency along with accuracy in the test.

These few techniques are widely accepted as the best methods to prepare for your Pre-employment Cognitive Ability Test for both private and Government organizations. Find out what particular kind of test will you be appearing for from your employer and then focus on the questions that are frequently asked in those. Additionally, also make sure you have a peaceful atmosphere where you will be able to focus entirely on the test whether it is your home or an assessment centre of the organization.

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