5 Things Adults Wished They Had Learned in Sex Ed

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You might remember the awkwardness that came with your high school sex education class. After all, that was a vulnerable time when trying to fit in, avoiding adult conversation, and not thinking about the future were the norm. But, as hindsight often goes, there might be some things that you wish you had learned during sex ed all those years ago.

Especially since only 24 states mandate public school sex education.

Well, we’re here to share some with you!

1. Masturbation is OK…Even if You’re Female

There’s a stigma that surrounds masturbation that has no mercy on females. Guys masturbating is normal, cool, and dare we say funny. But a woman masturbating is just shameful. Unfortunately, young women that are given this message often grow up thinking they can never pleasure themselves without feeling that shame, and that’s wrong.

Having solo sex is not only totally normal, it’s the safest way to have sex. And if you want to use sex toys during solo time, there’s nothing wrong with that either.

2. That Porn Sex Isn’t Real

Porn is something that is intriguing to many, but not explored by all. But everyone knows about it. And most everyone (that doesn’t know any better) has it in their minds that the sex in porn is real. So when real life sex happens, and it’s not like the movies, there’s lots of disappointment on both sides.

If you and your partner want to mimic porn sex, more power to you. But the truth is, unprotected sex is risky, dominating sex can be scary, and not everyone is going to look like a porn star in real life (and that’s ok!).

3. Fetishes Don’t Automatically Make You Weird

There are many fetishes out there that people brand as weird. But just because you prefer a certain sexual position, like your partner to wear certain clothing, or fantasize about typically nonsexual things such as feet, doesn’t make you abnormal. If this was the case, companies such as Silicon Wives, which pride themselves in creating luxury sex dolls that give users a better experience than the real thing, wouldn’t be so successful.

In a study done by AellaGirl, it was found that the top five favorite fetishes among survey takers were:

  • Any sexual position besides missionary
  • Light bondage
  • Female submission
  • Female use of sex toys
  • Spanking

But just remember, even if your fetish ranks on the low end of the spectrum, like the use of creepy crawlies, doesn’t necessarily mean there’s something wrong with you.

4. It’s Normal to Like Guys, Girls, Both, or No One

A lot of people wished they had been educated about more non-traditional ideas love and sex, including the choice to be chaste. Heterosexual, homosexual, and asexual relationships are all acceptable forms of love. And with each different kind of relationship comes a whole new set of concepts related to foreplay and sex.

Even if not interested in one or the other, sometimes just having some context about the differences out there makes people feel more comfortable around those that are different from themselves. This understanding can even lead to more tolerance, which is always welcome.

5. Loving Sex is Not a Bad Thing

The kind of household you grew up in, what religion your family followed, and the type of sex ed you received both in and out of school will help shape your overall feelings towards sex. A lot of people feel that any sex not involving a spouse is bad. And this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Wanting sex, and a lot of it, doesn’t make you promiscuous (whether you’re married or not). And morals and health safety aside, having sex with lots of people doesn’t make you a “slut,” a “whore,” or any other derogatory term. In fact, it just makes you human.

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